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Most residents remember when Easton became a news desert. Hundreds of local news organizations have closed, as their advertising revenue disappeared, and the pandemic worsened. The print edition of the Easton Courier ceased publication in 2018 — its 40th anniversary year — as a result of diminishing ads. At least 60 local newsrooms nationwide have closed since March, according to Poynter.

Recognizing Easton’s profound community need for local news and information, James Castonguay, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences at Sacred Heart University, reached out to Nancy Doniger to revive the Courier. Doniger, an adjunct professor at SHU and Easton Courier editor, had worked for years as managing editor at the Courier’s parent company and as a correspondent for The New York Times.

They assembled a team of faculty members to work with them and consulted with Easton leaders and residents. Community meetings about the Easton Courier 2.0 were well-attended, and ideas from Easton residents formed the basis of the new site’s priorities. The nonprofit Easton Courier launched on Leap Day, Feb. 29, just two weeks before the global pandemic shut down schools, businesses and almost all activities of daily living. The Easton Courier has since published over 825 stories.

The healthiest way to sustain and grow the Easton Courier is from the support of the people who value it. You — the residents of Easton and others connected to the town — have supported this community journalism experiment through your readership and by contributing well-written articles, colorful columns and impassioned letters to the editor.

There are many characteristics unique to Easton, “the jewel of Fairfield County.” Talented and insightful observers from a broad swath of professions, businesses, and the art world have contributed articles, archival material, wildlife photographic essays and personal stories about life in this highly spirited small town.

None of this would have been possible without Sacred Heart University’s partnership, which enabled the Courier to operate as a non-profit and an entirely independent organization. The Courier team of Rick Falco, Keith Zdrodowy, Jane Paley, Ann Marie Somma and Taci Batista, in addition to Castonguay and Doniger, has donated immeasurable volunteer hours to produce the news that residents now read every day.

The Courier looks forward to constantly providing you, our valued readers, with timely local news and information. We now ask that you support the Courier by making a donation at the link below.

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