Hwang to Host Facebook Forum on Affordable Housing

State Senator Tony Hwang, who sits as the ranking leader of the Planning & Development Committee, will moderate a panel of legislators and local experts to discuss pending proposals on land use, zoning and affordable housing under 8-30g, a state law that governs affordable housing.

Section 8-30g encourages Connecticut towns with less than 10% affordable housing to build affordable or mixed-income housing except when it poses a public health and safety.

There are currently several affordable housing projects either being built or being heard by planning and zoning commissions across the state under 8-30g. Hwang said forum participants will discuss and inform residents of several state bills that relate to 8-30g.

“Our goal is to discuss and inform you and your communites on the impact and legislative intent of HB 6611 (Fair Share Housing), SB 1024 (DeSegregateCT), HB 6107 (State Enabled Zoning CGS 8-2), and SB 172 (Statewide Property Tax),” Hwang said.

The forum will be held Wednesday, May 19 at 7 p.m. on Facebook Live fb.com/senatorhwang

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