Column: ‘Shop Windows’ by Tom Rudne Photo Exhibit

Disturbing and Deeply Rewarding!

The depth of vision expressed in Tom Rudne’s exhibition of photographs currently on view at the Easton Public Library offers a fascinating journey through shop windows to images that stare right back at you. It’s a trip not to be taken lightly.

Why “Shop Windows”?

In this haunted pandemic world, we’re becoming more and more used to shopping and living through Microsoft Windows instead of glass ones. As scientists explore ways to create artificial intelligence, humans seem to be turning more and more away from the beauty of the tactile world.

Rudne’s photos of real shop windows draw us in, make us ponder what we’re seeing. “Glass is transparent, so look inside,” the images seem to say, “before it’s too late.”

Mirroring glass and dazzling color help account for the extraordinary nature of Rudne’s photographs. Images of people, creatures and inanimate objects offer stories of joy and terror. His work generously invites you to decide for yourself.

“Shop Windows”
Easton Public Library Conference Room
through October 15

Be prepared to be humored, shocked, and deeply rewarded.