Bob Lessler (D), Final Candidate Statement, Board of Selectmen

I am running for re-election to the Board of Selectmen so that I can continue to deliver the thoughtful, measured, and experienced voice you know I have provided for 22 years. You know who I am. You know what I have done for our wonderful town over the years. I am your neighbor. I am your advocate. This is my town just as it is yours. I ask for your vote on Nov. 2.

David and I will continue to provide transparent, clear leadership with integrity and decency. We will fight to keep our schools strong, safe and solid places of learning and growth. We will fight to protect our seniors so they can live productive, vibrant and full lives here in Easton. We will fight to keep our taxes as low as possible while insuring we deliver high quality public services. We will complete the bridge on South Park Avenue on time and we will build bridges to all members of our community. We will fight to protect our open spaces, starting with the sale of the most vulnerable and sensitive 19 acres along the Mill River on the South Park Avenue property. We will fight to fund and build a new EMS building.

We will not bring enterprises to our town that don’t fit in here. We will not misuse our positions to secretly assist special interest groups. We will not shortchange the townspeople. We will not say it’s wrong for our first selectman to have another job because we did not say that when each one of the past three Republican first selectmen had other jobs.

As this campaign comes to a close, I am deeply saddened by the scurrilous and demeaning tone taken by our opponents and their supporters. Although our votes on the Resolution on Racism, the Pathway, the formation of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and many other initiatives were unanimous — that is both the Democratic and Republican members of the Board of Selectmen voted in favor of them all — it seems that our opponents are now trying to run away from their positions on these difficult and charged issues.

Finally, the special interest group, CRG, has been bombarding the town with outrageous, misleading, and flat-out wrong mailers since the spring. Now, obviously in concert with the Republican candidates, CRG is attacking David and me. We know that you know better than to listen to a group that for over 30 years, has been the voice of the anti-tax, anti-spending, and anti-public education wing of the other party. Now they have added various culture war fantasies to their repertoire. Don’t be fooled. Watch us, listen to us and join us. Be a part of finding solutions to our challenges, not a part of the problem. Call or email me anytime.

I am deeply appreciative for the privilege of having served as your selectman all these years. I will be most grateful for your continued support. Thank you.

Bob Lessler