Hundreds Turn Out for Covid Test Kits

It looked more like Black Friday at Best Buy. Cars were lined up before 5 p.m. today so residents could get two Covid test kits. Despite the frigid temperatures, the distribution process went smoothly for those who were lucky enough to get their kits before supplies ran out.

Emergency services and volunteers braved the cold weather to distribute Covid test kits to Easton residents at Samuel Staples Elementary School.–Jane Paley Photo

Easton Police checked IDs at the entrance to the driveway into Samuel Staples Elementary School and the line began to move at about 5:30 p.m., one half hour before the announced distribution time of 6 p.m.

The town received 540 kits from the state of Connecticut and First Selectman David Bindelglass estimated there were between 300 and 400 cars lined up for the kits. Many, but not all were accommodated.

“Unfortunately there was not much we could do,” Bindelglass said. “I am confident that people who need them will be able to buy more of them easily as the week goes on. I do want to thank all our emergency services and volunteers who stood out in the bitter cold to hand out the kits and to people for their cooperation. I am only sorry we couldn’t give out more.”

The surrounding towns went through similar procedures today with the same result: the state was unable to provide a sufficient number of kits to meet the demand.