The Library Bus Rides Again

After a hiatus of a few years due to Covid restrictions, an ER9 bus is once again ushering Helen Keller Middle School children to the Easton Public Library after school.

The Library provides programming for middle school kids as well as a safe and welcoming space for them to meet friends, do homework, get book recommendations, or just browse the shelves and digital resources.

“I am excited for how it’s going,” said Helen Keller Middle School Principal Steve Clapp. “Anytime you have students going over to the library it’s a good thing.”

The Easton Public Library is partnering with Helen Keller Middle School to offer after school activities. Students can take a bus directly from the school to the library.

The returning bus program is led by Kristine Oulman, head of the library’s youth services, in partnership with Clapp.

“I am super pleased with the program,” Oulman said. “We have middle school volunteers and kids who are attending programs riding the HKMS bus to the library. It is a great way for middle school kids to have a taste of independence. Most kids need to rely on adults to drive them to the library, so the bus offers many families a nice after school option.”

Clapp and Oulman hope more students will take advantage of the program as the fall season ends.

“I hope the impact will be wider.,” Clapp said. “I’m looking forward to the day when it’s ten to fifteen kids routinely taking advantage of it.”

Oulman sees the program as aligned nicely with library’s redesign of its EPL Innovation Space, which will have open hours after school for kids to come and be creative. Students can also explore the STEAM activities and special programming, hopefully as soon as this winter.

“My hope is that HKMS students can find new reasons to come to the Easton Public Library now that they have a way to get here,” said Oulman.”They can come to the programs, meet friends, do homework, get book recommendations, and browse our books and digital resources.”

To have your child take the bus, parents just need to notify the school in the morning by sending a note to hkmsmainoffice@er.9.org or calling 203-268-8651. Your child will be issued a bus note for that day.