Letter: Vote for State Rep. Anne Hughes, D-135th

To the Editor:

When you think of a state legislator, what do you think of? I think of somebody who is totally dedicated to the communities she serves.

Anne Hughes is just that kind of representative. She has shown incredible courage, determination and extraordinary leadership Continue reading “Letter: Vote for State Rep. Anne Hughes, D-135th”

Letter: Re-Elect State Rep Anne Hughes, D-135

To the Editor:

Re-elect State Rep Anne Hughes, a leader who knows and represents our Easton interests. Her hallmark is energetic engagement with constituents. Always available and approachable at local events and venues, Anne has advanced many bills that reflect the concerns we Continue reading “Letter: Re-Elect State Rep Anne Hughes, D-135”

Letter: Anne Hughes, CT-135

To the Editor:

In state government, the way it works, only majority party members write and approve our laws and policies.

Connecticut faces multiple challenges — budget, unemployment, health care, and education costs. The reader can add even more issues for our state.

In Easton, Continue reading “Letter: Anne Hughes, CT-135”

Easton Courier Political Campaign Publication Policies

Election season is upon us. So that we can publish as many statements and letters as possible, the Courier has some rules and guidelines for candidates, parties and supporters for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election. The Courier will focus on the competitive Connecticut races that directly Continue reading “Easton Courier Political Campaign Publication Policies”

Hughes Writes Open Letter to Colleagues on Systemic Racism

This open letter was written by state Rep. Anne Hughes, D-135th District, and other members of the Connecticut legislature asking them to add their names to this call for action to address issues of systemic racism.

Dear Colleagues,

Today, on this 65th anniversary of the lynching Continue reading “Hughes Writes Open Letter to Colleagues on Systemic Racism”

Letter: Shaban Led, Hughes Blamed

(Response to Shaban’s Call for Leadership Is a Little Late, Aug. 19, 2020)

I write to reply to the letter criticizing John Shaban’s article questioning the lack of state and local leadership during the recent storm. 

Sadly, Hughes tries to excuse her absence before and during Continue reading “Letter: Shaban Led, Hughes Blamed”

Michelle McCabe Endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice CT

For the second time, Michelle McCabe was endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice CT for her commitment to ensuring everyone in Connecticut can access the essential reproductive health care they need.

“Now more than ever, with our right to control our bodies and our reproductive destiny under Continue reading “Michelle McCabe Endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice CT”

Letter: Let’s Pay Careful Attention This Election Year

To the Editor:

John Shaban’s op-ed of Aug. 13 is the most misleading account I’ve seen since President Trump’s latest tweet.

Shaban was our state representative from January 2011 to  January 2017. We experienced Hurricane Irene in August 2011 followed by a huge snowstorm in October, Continue reading “Letter: Let’s Pay Careful Attention This Election Year”

Shaban’s Call for Leadership Is a Little Late

(Response to Op-Ed by John Shaban, Aug. 13, 2020, Leadership in a Storm.)

I was glad to see John Shaban, our former state representative for District 135 (Easton, Redding, Weston) express his concern about leadership and accountability in the wake of our recent power outages, now Continue reading “Shaban’s Call for Leadership Is a Little Late”

Op-Ed: Leadership in a Storm

As we slowly emerge from the darkness caused by the recent power outages, the people of Easton, Redding and Weston find themselves asking — where was the needed leadership before, during and after the storm?  Indeed, rather than focusing on preparation, our state and local officials Continue reading “Op-Ed: Leadership in a Storm”