Easton Arts Council Photography Contest on View

We all seem to be weighing the good, the bad and the ugly with the 2020 pandemic’s interruption of life, as it was. Art performances and displays have been nearly eliminated, which is bad; virtual performances and displays, which, though not ideal, are good, under present circumstances. Continue reading “Easton Arts Council Photography Contest on View”

Easton School Board Chairman Explains Budget Drivers

The Easton Board of Education presented its school budget for the 2020-21 school year to the Board of Finance in March.  The BOE is requesting an increase of $707,586, which represents a growth of 4.24% over last year.  The goals of the BOE were on full display as Superintendent Continue reading “Easton School Board Chairman Explains Budget Drivers”

Mother Bird Feeds her Baby

Titled The Early Bird, a mother robin feeds its baby a fresh worm. 

The image culminated a week of time behind the camera, from eggs to just before fledge, when something raided the nest. 

The adults had gotten used to me, inside, quietly slipping behind the camera and doing Continue reading “Mother Bird Feeds her Baby”