Michael Ambrose of Easton to Be Honored at Gala

Easton resident Mike Ambrose, vice president of engineering & technology at Sikorsky, is one of three honorees who will receive the Brian Langdon Award at LifeBridge’s annual Building a Brighter Future Gala. The award will be present at an online virtual event slated for June 10 Continue reading “Michael Ambrose of Easton to Be Honored at Gala”

‘Eloquentia Perfecta’: Educating the Whole Person

Teaching social justice, injustice, civic duty and civic action is not a recent fad or movement invented by left wing radicals. In fact, the concept has been a cornerstone of America education from the beginning.

In his seminal work, Democracy and Education, John Dewey states “Lives Continue reading “‘Eloquentia Perfecta’: Educating the Whole Person”

Ode to Green

Let me emerge a grasshopper, green

From egg and nymph be spun

The color of leaves as they first unfurl

When spring has just begun

Let me be a blade of grass

Amid the chorus in the wind

A single, individual shaft

With all creation as its kin

A humble flag, yet staff of life

For hungry Continue reading “Ode to Green”

Letter: Response to Bindelglass’s Referendum Comments

To the Editor:

I disagree with most of First Selectman Bindelglass’s recent comments in the Courier (5/6/21) on the rejection of the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health by Easton residents 5/4/21. The question, (shall the Town of Easton approve the Easton Resolution on Racism Continue reading “Letter: Response to Bindelglass’s Referendum Comments”

Letter: In Defense of Superintendent Harrison

Redding Mailer about Superintendent Dr. Rydell Harrison

To the Editor:

Just after Easton considered its Resolution on Racism, Reddingites were thrust with considering comments of ER9 Superintendent Rydell Harrison made on his private Facebook account in the wake of the Capitol Continue reading “Letter: In Defense of Superintendent Harrison”

Worship with Congregational Church of Easton in the Sanctuary

The Congregational Church of Easton has been a staple church community in the town of Easton since 1762 and we continue to look for ways to involve ourselves with the community. We value our work in Christ and work to find new ways to experience God and to touch the lives of others Continue reading “Worship with Congregational Church of Easton in the Sanctuary”

New England Prayer Center Observes National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance to intercede for America, leaders and families. Tomorrow, Thursday May 6, we open our doors and  invite all people to pray for our nation and the world.

The NEPC is observing this day with morning, afternoon and evening prayer times. Continue reading “New England Prayer Center Observes National Day of Prayer”

Put the Fruit Down!

If you choose to believe Bible stories, in the beginning, along with a newly created garden paradise with its animals, bugs, birds, fish and whatnot, there were three beings, Adam, Eve and the Creator Himself. God didn’t ask or demand much from the bugs or animals, he didn’t have Continue reading “Put the Fruit Down!”

Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut Welcomes Stephen Zehring to Board of Directors

Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut today announced the addition of Stephen Zehring of Easton to its Board of Directors. Zehring is the General Manager of Buick GMC of Watertown, founder of software company HJW, LLC and brings extensive business experience to his role on Continue reading “Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut Welcomes Stephen Zehring to Board of Directors”

Letter: Approve Resolution and Budget

To The Editor:

If you see something, say something. Most of us can agree that this is a reasonable way to respond to the current town-wide discussion about race. We all saw plenty this past year, from the effects of a dangerous pandemic on all of us to the rage caused by continuing Continue reading “Letter: Approve Resolution and Budget”