ER9 Boards of Education Approve DEI Surveys

The Easton, Redding and Region 9 boards of education approved four surveys to gather data to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Helen Keller Middle School, John Read Middle School, and Joel Barlow High School. The overall votes across all three boards, cast at a June 1 special Continue reading “ER9 Boards of Education Approve DEI Surveys”

Letter: YES DEI. YES Survey.

To the Editor:

One of the lessons of the pandemic has been all about connectivity. Finding new ways to communicate, to be productive and successful at work and at school, to keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they live.

Going forward, we will learn the advantages of Continue reading “Letter: YES DEI. YES Survey.”

Letter: School DEI Surveys

To the Editor:

On Tuesday May 25th the Easton, Redding, and the Joel Barlow Boards of Education (BOE) will gather. Among other things, they will discuss and vote on collecting additional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) information on students from 6th to 12th grades via a Continue reading “Letter: School DEI Surveys”

Celebrating Graduates, Covid Style

Let the celebrations begin as another school year comes to a close and graduation ceremonies are starting to take place.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, serious reconsideration of past traditions had to be made to follow safely regulations and guidelines while still recognizing the Continue reading “Celebrating Graduates, Covid Style”

Easton Schools Take Top Honors in CyberPatriot Competition

A group of students from Helen Keller Middle School placed first in the state at the 13th annual CyberPatriot competition. In addition, two teams made up of Easton students placed in the top three for the Gold Division. 

The CyberPatriot website states, “CyberPatriot is the National Continue reading “Easton Schools Take Top Honors in CyberPatriot Competition”

Joel Barlow High School Teacher Faces Charges

Dr. Rydell Harrison, Easton-Redding and Region 9 schools superintendent, informed parents in a May 7 email that a Joel Barlow High School teacher had been placed on administrative leave.

“We learned recently of the arrest of one of our high school teachers, Charles Schaub,” Dr. Continue reading “Joel Barlow High School Teacher Faces Charges”

Has Covid-19 Changed Barlow Student Fashion?

Over the past year, the normal way of life changed for Joel Barlow High School students in countless ways. Teenagers’ personal fashion styles since the Covid-19 lockdowns were among the transformations.

The at-home classroom created a causal way of life for high school students. Continue reading “Has Covid-19 Changed Barlow Student Fashion?”

Easton Voters Head to Polls on May 4

On Tuesday May 4 the annual budget referendum for the Town of Easton will be held in person from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Samuel Staples Elementary School. The budget for the Regional School District No. 9 (ER9) and the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health are also on the ballot. Continue reading “Easton Voters Head to Polls on May 4”

Can’t Stop the Music: The Beat Goes On In Easton Schools

All aspects of education have found their new normal, but for music educators, the pandemic has been particularly challenging. At Samuel Staples Elementary School and Helen Keller Middle School, music teachers have found new ways to teach music under Covid-19 restrictions. 

To Continue reading “Can’t Stop the Music: The Beat Goes On In Easton Schools”

Video Explains Easton Board of Education Budget Process

Jon Stinson, Easton Board of Education chairman, provides a brief overview of the budget process for the 2021-22 school year in the video below.

The Easton Board of Education oversees Samuel Staples Elementary School and Helen Keller Middle School. The board is comprised of six Continue reading “Video Explains Easton Board of Education Budget Process”