Easton in the Service – Dr. Richard Quinton

Easton in the Service

This is the first in the Historical Society of Easton’s series on Easton in the Service. Our mission is to present multiple stories of the men and women who lived in Easton – either before, during, or after serving their country. What each of them did, who Continue reading “Easton in the Service – Dr. Richard Quinton”

Polio Pioneers – 1954 Children saving Children

As we enter 2021, we are filled with hope that the vaccines developed in 2020 will alleviate the suffering of worst global pandemic in over one hundred years. There has been much said about the rapid development, testing, and approval of the vaccines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Continue reading “Polio Pioneers – 1954 Children saving Children”

Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…

The Easton Courier would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the varied and thought-provoking contributions from our columnists and community writers, who observed life in Easton from many perspectives. Bruce Nelson, Tomas Koeck, Gale Papageorge, Robert LaValle, and Dr. Richard Lechtenberg Continue reading “Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…”

Easton in the Service – A New Year, A New Series!

The theme of the Historical Society of Easton’s upcoming 2021 series is service to country, featuring people who were either from Easton when they served, or lived here afterwards. Many soldiers returning from WWII and Korea ended up moving to Easton where they raised their families. Continue reading “Easton in the Service – A New Year, A New Series!”

Twin Oaks – Ida Tarbell’s Farm

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s Year of the Woman Series.

“…I had my little home in Connecticut which in the fifteen years since I had acquired it had not only grown increasingly dear to me; it had also taken on an importance which I had not foreseen. It had become the Continue reading “Twin Oaks – Ida Tarbell’s Farm”

Christmas in Connecticut – 1959


Fidel Castro first assumed the office of Prime Minister of Cuba. Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states. Able & Baker – two monkeys – took a 15-minute ride into space and returned safely. Chevrolet introduced the El Camino pickup, ushering in a new use for light-duty Continue reading “Christmas in Connecticut – 1959”

Constant Gardeners: the Founding of the Easton Garden Club

In June 1939, five Easton ladies were selected by the Federated Garden Clubs to represent Connecticut at the newly opened Gardens on Parade at the World’s Fair in New York.  Mrs. Katherine Rauschkolb, Mrs. Edith Duff, Mrs. Lillian Shook, Mrs. Rose Coon and Miss Esther Foote served Continue reading “Constant Gardeners: the Founding of the Easton Garden Club”

The Journals of John Adams

The title sounds like something from a PBS documentary. Perhaps something about the second president of the United States. But the John Adams in this article wasn’t born in Quincy, Massachusetts, but rather, right here in Easton in 1830. Beginning with his father Eli in 1805 and Continue reading “The Journals of John Adams”

Easton’s Original Radio Girl

From the Historical Society of Easton’s Year of the Woman Series.

Leonore Vonderlieth went by the stage name Vaughn De Leath.  Born in 1894 in Mount Pulaski, Illinois, De Leath was certainly one of the earliest singers to appear on radio when she went on the air in January of 1920 Continue reading “Easton’s Original Radio Girl”

An Easton Thanksgiving – 1955

Thanksgiving Day will look considerably different in many Easton homes in 2020. Family gatherings will likely be smaller, in some cases with just the immediate members of the same household in attendance. There will be fewer grandparents and college students flying in for the long Continue reading “An Easton Thanksgiving – 1955”