Internet websites have provided me with a wealth of information concerning Richard Lechtenberg. Much of this information is wrong, which is useful for me in frustrating efforts to steal my identity. One site identified my mother as my wife. That struck me as truly mythical. I expected Continue reading “Truth”


Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge died on September 17, 1908.  He was a passenger on a demonstration flight with Orville Wright as the pilot.  The U.S. Army had offered the Wright brothers a contract to purchase several of their airplanes, called Wright Flyers, if the plane could carry Continue reading “Flight”

Elation Recuperation. Happiness Restored.

Kinda like when Siri says: “Your iPhone backup has been completed,” and relieved isn’t even a word that remotely describes how you feel. Right? Because this is fantastic news. Your photos will be stored, and your memorable videos won’t be deleted after all either because they’re Continue reading “Elation Recuperation. Happiness Restored.”

Walking Into 2021

Queen Elizabeth II called it right when she referred to the year 1992 as her Annus Horribilis, or year of disaster. She was distraught by her children’s divorces and a fire that destroyed a wing of Windsor Castle.

For the rest of the world, Annus Horribilis more aptly describes Continue reading “Walking Into 2021”

Fish Bowl

Marilyn was obviously alive.  She sat before me, somewhat haggard and disheveled, but unequivocally awake and breathing.  She had a pulse and her blood pressure was respectable, but she complained.  She complained of weakness and agitation, of insomnia and excessive drowsiness, Continue reading “Fish Bowl”

Wishing You a Joyful and Healthy Christmas

I always considered myself fortunate, growing up in Easton. Most of my​ ​relatives were within a 20-minute drive, meaning we gathered together over the holidays, often at my childhood home. 

My cousins, siblings and I eagerly tore​ ​into our stockings as soon as our parents allowed Continue reading “Wishing You a Joyful and Healthy Christmas”

Too Little. Too Late.

At last, the end is in sight.  No, I am not referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am referring to 2020, the year that gave birth to a new vocabulary for Americans, including such terms as pandemic fatigue, Covid deniers, mask refusers, stimulus package, and excess mortality. We have Continue reading “Too Little. Too Late.”

The Gift of Christmas

Dearest Friends,

As if flipping a switch, throw away the mind clutter and forget everything you think you know. Let down your ego guard, the presumptuous shield of unnecessary protection that only serves to divide and separate us from the One. 

With your next inhale; breathe Continue reading “The Gift of Christmas”

The Twilight Zone

“The Twilight Zone” was originally a television series launched in 1959 by host Rod Serling. The stories were often pure or partly science fiction. Many reflected social challenges of the times. Some stories predicted where our current trajectories would take society if attitudes Continue reading “The Twilight Zone”

Hanukkah 2020

We at the Courier had hoped that Rabbi Marcelo Kormis of Congregation Beth-El in Fairfield would be providing a spiritual and scholarly message about Hanukkah, which begins at sundown tonight, but sadly he is in Chile attending to his father who is very ill. He and his family are Continue reading “Hanukkah 2020”