Pause: A Covid-19 Drug Trial Hits A Snag

The Covid-19 vaccine trial organized and monitored by the Astra-Zeneca drug company was “paused.” A volunteer at a site in Great Britain who received the experimental vaccine developed a neurologic complication. What little has been said about this adverse event suggests that this Continue reading “Pause: A Covid-19 Drug Trial Hits A Snag”

Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story

As the sun began its descent into the western winter sky, its message illuminated the great outdoors and quickly thawed the frozen crevasses of my sedentary mind. Unlike prior weeks of the worst winter in recent history, this sun beamed into our living room with undeniable force Continue reading “Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story”

Medical Math: Covid-19 x 2 = 0 Vaccine

The White House recently announced that it will be promoting an expedited evaluation of a Covid-19 vaccine. This would be good news if, in fact, it resulted in a safe and effective vaccine in the near future. We certainly can have a vaccine before November 2020, if safety and efficacy Continue reading “Medical Math: Covid-19 x 2 = 0 Vaccine”

Waving Grand Green Flags

“I think that I shall never see /A poem lovely as a tree. “— Joyce Kilmer

Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem recycles in my brain when I walk along a woodsy trail here in Easton or close by. In the last decade I have embraced my own affinity for trees, especially large ones, old ones, Continue reading “Waving Grand Green Flags”

Learning From History

The televangelist, Pat Robertson, called the AIDS epidemic, “God’s harvest of sinners.” The sinners he was referring to were not rapists, murderers, pedophiles or human traffickers. They were homosexual men. This reflected the common feeling in the United States that AIDS would somehow Continue reading “Learning From History”

The Un-Bee-lievable Adventures of Dana Ceva: EASTON FRONT PORCH

Dana Ceva, Easton resident, graduated from UCONN in 2019 with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Landscape Architecture involves designing the natural world and integrating it with the built environment. As a residential landscape designer, Dana is designing pool environments, gardens, Continue reading “The Un-Bee-lievable Adventures of Dana Ceva: EASTON FRONT PORCH”

A Walker in the City: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Covid-19 has been a challenge. We may look back on 2020 as on a life not lived — no travel, or meetings with friends or theater. We would not for a while simply walk the streets of a favorite city.

There is always something magical about a city transformed. It happens on stage Continue reading “A Walker in the City: Yesterday and Tomorrow”

Sunday Nature Walk: The Great Horned Owl — ‘Tiger of the Woods’

While Connecticut as a whole is considered a rather “tame” state in terms of wildlife, one species, in particular, puts that argument on its head. The great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) is the apex predator of New England and is a bird that can be found throughout the United States. Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk: The Great Horned Owl — ‘Tiger of the Woods’”

Mambert Road: A Job Well Done

Robert LaValle

Editor’s note: This is the third installment of a three-part series based on the author’s experiences on a family-owned property on Mambert Road in New York, east of the Hudson River. Here is the first installment, published on Aug. 21 and the second installment, Continue reading “Mambert Road: A Job Well Done”

Sunday Nature Walk: Birds in Our Own Backyard

When browsing wildlife photos and journals of birds and other animals, it’s easy to believe that the colorful and vibrant wildlife exhibited are only found in exotic locations involving hours of travel and searching. What most people don’t know is that an abundance of beautiful birds Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk: Birds in Our Own Backyard”