JBHS Alumni Association Gives Back

It was June of 1966 when Joel Barlow High School was getting ready for its fifth commencement exercise in the school’s gymnasium. This would be the second of a total of only five years that the school would graduate students who had attended all of seven through twelfth grades at Continue reading “JBHS Alumni Association Gives Back”

Tammany Corners & Halzack’s Country Store

Presented by the Historical Society of Easton

A detailed look at the history of Halzack’s Country Store.

How many of today’s readers recognize the name “Tammany Corners”?  I’d bet not very many, and probably because the area of Easton that bore that name did so for a relatively Continue reading “Tammany Corners & Halzack’s Country Store”

Two Lives Well Lived- Coach Profetto & Rose

I received an email this past Tuesday informing me that former Barlow Coach John Profetto had passed away during the first week of June and that his beloved wife of some 62 years, Rose, had followed him into eternity just five days later. Remembering how respected and adored John Continue reading “Two Lives Well Lived- Coach Profetto & Rose”

Life along the Banks of the Aspetuck

Life in the 1950’s in Easton and Redding was vastly different than it is today. Crime was something that was depicted in mystery novels and movies but wasn’t on anybody’s radar in suburban Connecticut. Easton had a two-man police force while Redding had none. Doors were sometimes Continue reading “Life along the Banks of the Aspetuck”

The Mystery of Marston E. Banks

As another Memorial Day rolls around, many more Americans will likely be celebrating the beginning of summer than those who will be honoring the men and women who sacrificed their young lives so that we could live ours.

As part of the group who volunteered to clean up Union Cemetery Continue reading “The Mystery of Marston E. Banks”

Thank You Volunteers!!!

One of the many great reasons Easton is such a wonderful town to live in is the New England tradition where neighbors come together to help each other with community projects that just can’t seem to get done any other way.

Anyone who has lived in town for more than a few years Continue reading “Thank You Volunteers!!!”

Nothing Lasts Forever

One of the most difficult parts of the otherwise pleasant job of being an official town historian is being called upon to evaluate and offer recommendations on historic structures where the owner has requested a demolition permit. Age notwithstanding, some buildings are obviously Continue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”

The DP Children – Innocent Casualties of War

Part of the Historical Society of Easton’s “Immigrants in Easton” series.

It usually begins with a question. This week’s article was sparked by an inquiry on the Growing Up in Easton page on Facebook.

“My husband remembers a Ukrainian exchange student who attended Samuel Staples Continue reading “The DP Children – Innocent Casualties of War”

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Saturday looks like a washout for the clean-up at Union. If it’s wet Saturday morning, pour yourself an extra cup of coffee, read the latest in the Courier, drive over to the Firehouse Green, buy some plants from the wonderful ladies at the Easton Garden Club, and then rest up for Continue reading “Rain, Rain, Go Away!!”

The Sad State of the Union

The essence of a true community burying ground, Union Cemetery at the corner of Sport Hill and Stepney Roads has seen better days. On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the people of Easton will have the opportunity to help begin to bring this historical cemetery back to its former glory by Continue reading “The Sad State of the Union”