Putting a Mask on Poor Judgement

Two weeks ago, a police deputy in Maryland shot and killed a groundhog. Having reviewed the unedited videotape of this encounter, I concluded that, although the action was apparently consistent with Maryland police guidelines, it was ridiculous. Some comedians have noted that the Continue reading “Putting a Mask on Poor Judgement”

Letter: ‘Pathway’ Simply Wrong Design for Easton

To the Editor:

Vote ‘”No” for the pathway. It is a monstrosity as proposed. Were we talking a simple sidewalk to get people more safely from Keller to The Village Store, well, we’ve done without for decades, but OK, let’s discuss that.

But a 10-foot wide sidewalk? What the heck Continue reading “Letter: ‘Pathway’ Simply Wrong Design for Easton”

Op-Ed: The Case for Universal Design Adding Value to Our Town

At our recent Town Meeting, the governing body of the town, we heard differing views on the meaning, intention and uses of the proposed multi-use pathway, which is an item on Tuesday’s referendum, asking to affirm spending 80,000 upfront for the initial design phase, to be 80% reimbursed, Continue reading “Op-Ed: The Case for Universal Design Adding Value to Our Town”

Letter: A Yes Vote On Pathway Is a Vote For Commercialization – Vote No

To the Editor:

In his Sept. 18 message, ostensibly published in his role as First Selectman, Mr. Bindelglass went too far with his last line that people that should be cautious about “false and conspiratorial narratives.” I agree but I don’t know what those are in this context Continue reading “Letter: A Yes Vote On Pathway Is a Vote For Commercialization – Vote No”

Letter: Is Jeff Parker For or Against the Pathway?

To the Editor:

This is in response to Jeff Parker’s published opinion on the Pathway dated Sept 12.

The reader was led to believe Mr. Parker was going to provide the Easton Voters his opinions on the Pathway as was stated in the body of the article, yet what he provided to Easton Continue reading “Letter: Is Jeff Parker For or Against the Pathway?”

Letter: Fund the Pathway Design

To the Editor:

At this past Monday’s Town Meeting when the topic of the multi-use/pedestrian path was discussed, many people expressed their opinions. Questions were asked about the path itself, like: would it have lights, how many trees will have to be cut down, would the copper Continue reading “Letter: Fund the Pathway Design”

Letter: Vote “No” on Pathway Design

To the Editor:

Typically, situations needing improvement are evaluated for a least cost, mid-cost or shoot-for-the-moon project.

We have never been given any other options for different solutions to this situation. Why? How about moving the road to the west and enlarging shoulder Continue reading “Letter: Vote “No” on Pathway Design”

Letter: Support the Sport Hill Road Pathway

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the proposed pathway from Helen Keller Middle School to the Easton Village Store.

Just for a minute, I want you to imagine you are an 8th grader at Helen Keller. School just let out and you are walking to the Easton Village Store (or Silverman’s) Continue reading “Letter: Support the Sport Hill Road Pathway”

Letter: Support Pathway Design Plan

To the Editor:

We encourage Easton voters to vote yes on September 21st to fund an initial $80,000 for a design plan for the Pathway from Helen Keller Middle School to EVS and Silverman’s Farm. After a $64,000 reimbursement from the state, the Town of Easton will owe $16,000 of the Continue reading “Letter: Support Pathway Design Plan”

A Message from the First Selectman

Updated 9/18/2021

Good afternoon,

Lest we forget about Covid this week Easton passed 500 cases overall.  Still the trend is towards better. As you know, several weeks ago I joined my Republican colleagues, the First Selectmen of Fairfield and Westport in declaring a mask mandate Continue reading “A Message from the First Selectman”