The Flag: For Country or Self?

As many did after the 9/11 attacks, my husband, Dave, and I hung an American flag on our front door. We were proud and emotional in this show of solidarity and love of country. It was particularly meaningful as the flag had belonged to Anthony Sylvestro, Dave’s father, a World War Continue reading “The Flag: For Country or Self?”

Op-Ed: University of Bridgeport’s Unconventional and Innovative Collaboration Enhances Education

The seaside campus of University of Bridgeport (UB) led by the academic leaders of UB, Sacred Heart University, Paier College of Arts and Goodwin College together have announced an unconventional and innovative educational enhancement plan for those higher education institutions Continue reading “Op-Ed: University of Bridgeport’s Unconventional and Innovative Collaboration Enhances Education”

Highlights from the Courier 6/29/20 – 7/5/20

In case you missed it, check out some of the articles below posted in the Easton Courier in the past week, from Monday, June 29 to Sunday, July 5.

Don’t forget to subscribe to email notifications. It’s free, and you control the frequency. You can enter your email address here: Continue reading “Highlights from the Courier 6/29/20 – 7/5/20”

Op-Ed: Welcome Back to Normal(ish)

Baseball, Barbecues and Crushing State Deficits

After a difficult spring, I like most am happy to welcome the start of summer. As we gradually return to normal, however, we must also realize that we are picking up where we left off — i.e., stagnant job growth, a decade of depressed Continue reading “Op-Ed: Welcome Back to Normal(ish)”

Morehouse Fields

Morehouse Field For Easton Residents Only — Photo courtesy of Allen Sullivan

To the Editor:

Watching the CNN Covid 19 map flame ever redder and redder as the pandemic cases burn higher and higher through more Continue reading “Morehouse Fields”

Silver Linings

Throughout these past few months of quarantine and ambiguity of what our future would look like, it was easy to focus on the negative energy that surrounded us. Each day was filled with concern about our health, livelihoods, and education. We have had to become accustomed to a new Continue reading “Silver Linings”

Easton Observes Independence Day

If there could be only one word to describe Eastonites, it would be “independent.”

So on this Independence Day, so bleak in many other parts of the nation, residents can and should celebrate this holiday with an abundance of pride.

By dint of self-restraint and respect for others, Continue reading “Easton Observes Independence Day”

Letter to the Easton Board of Selectmen: Open Town Hall

“An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.”
— Thomas Jefferson

Dear Board of Selectmen:

Why is Town Hall not open? Retail is open. Large businesses and restaurants are open. Amusement parks are open. The DMV is open. Our library, especially the meeting rooms, Continue reading “Letter to the Easton Board of Selectmen: Open Town Hall”

The Absentee Ballot Law Should be Changed for the November Election

The absentee ballot law should be changed so that people who fear COVID-19 can vote by absentee ballot during next November’s presidential election. Voters should not have to choose between their health and their freedom to vote.

It is encouraging that Connecticut is having fewer Continue reading “The Absentee Ballot Law Should be Changed for the November Election”

Love In Action

My emotions often well up when I witness what I consider perfection. Really, and anything goes, from watching a Disney animation to a civil rights protest on CNN. Any outward display of genuine human love tugs at my heartstrings. Listening to the Beatles or Beethoven or anything Continue reading “Love In Action”