Good Liquor

I do not remember when or where I first heard the saying that “Many a bad deed is blamed on good liquor,” but the notion that intoxicants are often the explanation for evil acts rings true.  It may have been my Polish grandfather, who famously consumed at least a fifth of very bad Continue reading “Good Liquor”

Working Harder to Understand and Communicate with Each Other

State Senator Tony Hwang

State Senator Tony Hwang released the following statement today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in connection with the historic achievements by people of color along alongside the hateful acts that painfully illustrate hatred and division still exist.

“Here Continue reading “Working Harder to Understand and Communicate with Each Other”


Internet websites have provided me with a wealth of information concerning Richard Lechtenberg. Much of this information is wrong, which is useful for me in frustrating efforts to steal my identity. One site identified my mother as my wife. That struck me as truly mythical. I expected Continue reading “Truth”

Op-Ed: DTC’s Statement for the Removal of Donald Trump as President

President Donald Trump must immediately be removed from office. The Easton Democratic Town Committee joins a bipartisan chorus demanding his removal. We seek both safety for the people of this country and justice for his illegal and immoral actions.

He willfully violated his oath Continue reading “Op-Ed: DTC’s Statement for the Removal of Donald Trump as President”

Not On The Calendar

What an endearing study in optimism! As I began my January ritual of transcribing known dates from the previous year’s calendar to the new, I smiled wistfully at the profusion of plans cramming the squares in January and February 2020. Those months held the usual allotment of birthday Continue reading “Not On The Calendar”

Superintendent Harrison Responds to Events at U.S. Capitol

Superintendent Harrison sent the following message to ER9 families today in response to the violent protests at the U.S. Capitol:

Dear ER9 families,

Like many of you, I watched yesterday’s events at the U.S. Capitol in disbelief and my heart sank as this historic moment unfolded. Continue reading “Superintendent Harrison Responds to Events at U.S. Capitol”

Hwang Denounces Attack on National Capitol

State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) offers the following statement in reaction to the seditious violence in Washington D.C on the day the 2020 Election results are to be certified:

“Sadness, heartbreak and shock and steely resolve for me as an elected state official to denounce in Continue reading “Hwang Denounces Attack on National Capitol”


Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge died on September 17, 1908.  He was a passenger on a demonstration flight with Orville Wright as the pilot.  The U.S. Army had offered the Wright brothers a contract to purchase several of their airplanes, called Wright Flyers, if the plane could carry Continue reading “Flight”

Grateful for the Hard Work of Easton’s Farmers

To the Editor:

I don’t know what I was doing during the summer that caused me to miss the articles about Easton’s farms and farmers, but I’m so glad you included them in your review of the year. It is obvious, but I’ll say it, Easton could never have maintained the beauty and history Continue reading “Grateful for the Hard Work of Easton’s Farmers”

Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…

The Easton Courier would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the varied and thought-provoking contributions from our columnists and community writers, who observed life in Easton from many perspectives. Bruce Nelson, Tomas Koeck, Gale Papageorge, Robert LaValle, and Dr. Richard Lechtenberg Continue reading “Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…”