Column: Of Special Interest

We should be grateful for institutions and practices mandated by law and enforced to some extent that serve the general welfare of Americans. These are not gifts from generous oligarchs or reprieves from indulgent dictators. They are the fruits of struggles by millions of Americans Continue reading “Column: Of Special Interest”

Hannukah Message 2021

Chanukah, which began last night, is known as the Festival of Lights. It is an occasion for families to join together at home in lighting eight branched candelabras known as Chanukiyot, singing songs, and eating delicious foods such as latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly doughnuts. Continue reading “Hannukah Message 2021”

Things for which Easton Is Grateful: Maureen Williams’ Service

I first met Maureen Williams at ER9 Board of Education meetings and Easton Town Meetings, when she was the moderator. Maureen was an elected member of the Region 9 board, the governing body for Joel Barlow High School, which has equal representation from Easton and Redding and determines Continue reading “Things for which Easton Is Grateful: Maureen Williams’ Service”

Red Maple Outside My Window

There’s a red maple outside my window 

And today it is my friend. 

I think it’s part of the eternal plan: sustenance 

Providing what I need 

On this gray afternoon 

Approaching winter 

Its star-like leaves point in all directions 

Filling the space around slender dark Continue reading “Red Maple Outside My Window”

Voices From Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday that relies on the comfort of family traditions. The menus, the dishware, the players and the roles they perform are frequently the same from year to year. Covid upended them for a while, but it feels like many of our holiday rituals will Continue reading “Voices From Thanksgivings Past”

11/24/2021 A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Updated Nov. 24,2021

Happy Thanksgiving

Good afternoon, 

The state has released new Covid numbers. Easton has 19 new cases for the two weeks ending November 20. That is a rate of 18 per 100,000, and places us in the red category.  The state positivity rates, hospitalization, and rates are elevated Continue reading “11/24/2021 A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Column: Connections and Cycles — A Visit to Rhinebeck N.Y.

While some seek sleek lines, bright lights, and austerity, Dave and I love the warmth of well-worn wood, a fireplace tarred with the soot of centuries, a bar bearing the imprint of innumerable elbows and pints, and the welcome of a friendly barkeep. With his deep-set eyes and hollow Continue reading “Column: Connections and Cycles — A Visit to Rhinebeck N.Y.”

Column: Black and White

X-rays and other imaging studies used in medical investigations are generally black and white depictions of bone, blood, spinal fluid and other body materials. Dyes, magnetic chemicals and other such enhancing agents may be used to see fine details or specific activities, but the Continue reading “Column: Black and White”

Letter: A True Connecticut Fish Story

To the Editor:

Before we moved to Easton 22 years ago we lived in Norwalk where I made friends with Charlie Toth, an elderly neighbor who had grown up in Norwalk where his father had managed what he called “the poor farm” for indigent people.

A lifelong Norwalk resident, Charlie Continue reading “Letter: A True Connecticut Fish Story”

Op-Ed: Hospitals Seek to End Labor and Delivery Care

When did our expectations that hospitals exist to serve the public good drop so low? Was it around the time we normalized millions in compensation to CEOs? Or is it now, when we accept the fact that hospitals are denying the women they serve the most basic human healthcare need — Continue reading “Op-Ed: Hospitals Seek to End Labor and Delivery Care”