Easton Boy Scouts Help Good Recycling Habits Stick

Over the summer, you may have noticed new labels on your recycling bins. With a lot of hard work from our local Boy Scouts, this project helped people learn more about what goes in their bins and provided information for people to learn more, ask questions, and make good choices Continue reading “Easton Boy Scouts Help Good Recycling Habits Stick”

Letter: Vote Yes On South Park

To the Editor:

In a few days, Easton residents will begin to see “final vote” on South Park signs cropping up around town. With your forbearance, please allow us to explain why.

Last May, at a well-attended town meeting, Easton residents voted to place a conservation restriction Continue reading “Letter: Vote Yes On South Park”

Final Report Due on EVS Contamination; Town Vows to Be More Vigilant  

Town officials have pledged to more closely monitor the removal of any commercial oil tanks in Easton. The move comes after the discovery of contaminated soil when two tanks were removed at the Easton Village Store and leaked onto a nearby resident’s property. Further contamination Continue reading “Final Report Due on EVS Contamination; Town Vows to Be More Vigilant  “

Column: Szilard’s Nightmare

Leo Szilard was one of the smartest people living in and shaping events in the Twentieth Century. He started his training in Hungary as an engineer but switched to become a nuclear physicist. He enjoyed science fiction and recognized that many of the fantasies of writers, like H.G.Wells, Continue reading “Column: Szilard’s Nightmare”

State Senator Tony Hwang Cited for Environmental Leadership

Citing his long standing bipartisan leadership and his vote in helping to pass legislation to promote clean air, climate change and protect our state’s natural resources, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) has again named State Senator Tony Hwang an “Environmental Continue reading “State Senator Tony Hwang Cited for Environmental Leadership”

Column:Drought in a Time of Floods

The Colorado River is shrinking, and Kentucky is drowning. Mother Nature is laughing. We expected her to shrug off our abuse and continue supplying water where we need it and a temperate climate where we want it. She is obviously fed up and has decided to teach us about the longterm Continue reading “Column:Drought in a Time of Floods”

Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs

Fifty senators and the Vice-president voted to pass a bill that they claim will cut drug costs and reduce green-house gas emissions. The cuts in green-house gasses have been projected to occur over the next ten years, and the reduction in drug costs will theoretically materialize Continue reading “Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs”

Aspetuck Land Trust’s First Capital Campaign Raises Record $5.6 Million

The Aspetuck Land Trust raised a record $5.6 million in its first Green Corridor Capital Campaign to lead conservation efforts in the state, according to a press release.

“We are delighted by the show of support from all across the region,” said ALT President and Easton resident Continue reading “Aspetuck Land Trust’s First Capital Campaign Raises Record $5.6 Million”

Are You Wishcycling?

Wishcycling, or wishful recycling, is when you toss something you hope to be recyclable into the recycling bin. Many fall victim to the promises of wishcycling, thinking that if something looks like it can be recycled, it probably can be. But the truth is that many things look recyclable Continue reading “Are You Wishcycling?”

Column:Tipping Point on Climate Emergency

The comment “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about” was considered a joke until a few decades ago. As weather extremes get more frequent and more destructive, the real danger of not doing anything about the weather is becoming more evident every year. Continue reading “Column:Tipping Point on Climate Emergency”