Morehouse Fields

Morehouse Field For Easton Residents Only — Photo courtesy of Allen Sullivan

To the Editor:

Watching the CNN Covid 19 map flame ever redder and redder as the pandemic cases burn higher and higher through more Continue reading “Morehouse Fields”

Easton Cookbook Heating Up

To commemorate Easton’s 175th anniversary, Citizens for Easton will produce a compendium of treasured recipes featuring locally sourced products from Easton’s farms. The decision was made when plans for the annual CFE Farm Tour were cancelled.

CFE is seeking family recipes and Continue reading “Easton Cookbook Heating Up”

Close the Laptop, Open the Doors

First grader Henry Theriot and preschooler Morgan Theriot give the inside scoop on their experience with distance learning and their newfound outdoor play time during a socially distanced interview conducted at a safe six feet away (one kid hockey stick plus two feet, according to Continue reading “Close the Laptop, Open the Doors”

Spring Clean Responsibly

Since we’re spending more time in our homes, spring cleaning is inevitable. As we clean, ridding our homes of the old clothes that don’t get worn, the toys the kids grew out of, and the dishware set that we just replaced, it is important to think about where these items end up when Continue reading “Spring Clean Responsibly”

Easton Pauses 5G Wireless Rollout

Town officials have put the brakes on installing 5G networks in Easton to study if the technology is safe for human health and the environment.

In a resolution dated May 7, town officials voted to call upon “all telecommunications companies and public utilities operating in Easton, Continue reading “Easton Pauses 5G Wireless Rollout”

Native Plants and Local Pollinators

How You Can Help Easton Pollinators Flourish and Protect the Local Food Web

“No farms, no food” is a bumper sticker that most of us have seen. It may be time for a new slogan to accompany it: “No pollinators, no farms.” On those occasions when we have spared the subject any thought, Continue reading “Native Plants and Local Pollinators”

A Tribute to Bruce LePage

Some people fall into the moment and some people rise to the moment, but for a fraught moment in Easton’s recent history, both could be said of Bruce LePage.  In the mid-90s, “land use” was the hot issue and development seemed the forgone conclusion. For many, “open space” was simply Continue reading “A Tribute to Bruce LePage”

Aspetuck Land Trust Assures Sustainable Future for Gilbertie’s Farm

The Aspetuck Land Trust’s historic purchase of Gilbertie’s Farm for $2 million marks the nonprofit organization’s first working farm acquisition. The organization has previously preserved 1,940 acres of land in Connecticut.

Tucked behind a country farm stand and bucolic knoll on Continue reading “Aspetuck Land Trust Assures Sustainable Future for Gilbertie’s Farm”

Down by the Reservoir

They straightened out the Mississippi River in places, to make room for houses and livable acreage. Occasionally the river floods these places. “Floods” is the word they use, but in fact it is not flooding; it is remembering. Remembering where it used to be. All water has a perfect Continue reading “Down by the Reservoir”

BREAKING NEWS: Aspetuck Land Trust Buys Gilbertie’s Farm

EASTON, CT–  April 30, 2020–Aspetuck Land Trust today announced the acquisition of Gilbertie’s Farm, a picturesque 34-acre working organic farm adjacent to the land trust’s Randall’s Farm Preserve on Sport Hill Road in Easton.  Gilbertie’s Farm will anchor Aspetuck Land Trust’s Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Aspetuck Land Trust Buys Gilbertie’s Farm”