Walking Into 2021

Queen Elizabeth II called it right when she referred to the year 1992 as her Annus Horribilis, or year of disaster. She was distraught by her children’s divorces and a fire that destroyed a wing of Windsor Castle.

For the rest of the world, Annus Horribilis more aptly describes Continue reading “Walking Into 2021”

Back Yard Beekeepers Offers Virtual Course

Experience the Magic of Honey Bees

New this year, the Back Yark Beekeepers will offer a four-session course virtually via Zoom on Tuesdays, Jan. 4, 11, 18, 25, 2021 from 7 to 9 p.m. The cost is $50 for the class and a one-year membership with BYBA. The location is Zoom. Contact: Continue reading “Back Yard Beekeepers Offers Virtual Course”

Black, Gold, and Green: Eco Club’s Composting Mission

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 30-40% of our food supply is wasted each year. A group of students at Joel Barlow High School has set out to reduce food waste in their community.

Barlow’s Eco Club, composed of members Sophie Brault, Victoria Cangialosi, Katherine Continue reading “Black, Gold, and Green: Eco Club’s Composting Mission”

Nature’s Heroes

The universal struggle of “man against nature” has existed since the dawn of modern society. Countless pieces of literature and art showcase epic tales of survival and conflict, and stories and depictions of adventures and battles with the creatures that dwell in the wilds.

Given Continue reading “Nature’s Heroes”

Sunday Nature Walk: A Shift in the Wind

As we progress deeper into November, animal behavior changes drastically as different species rush to prepare for the cold winter months. Many species migrate, such as the majority of songbirds and waterfowl, but others tough out the cold and adjust their lifestyle instead. Easton Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk: A Shift in the Wind”

Trout Unlimited Seeks Support for Mill River Restoration Project

Helping to restore the Mill River to its former beauty and improve fish habitat.—Ed Grzeda Photo

The Nutmeg Chapter of Trout Unlimited seeks support in helping to restore the Mill River to its former beauty and improve fish habitat. Just 60 minutes from New York City, near Exit Continue reading “Trout Unlimited Seeks Support for Mill River Restoration Project”

Sunday Nature Walk: Autumn in Connecticut

Among the most anticipated times of the year, autumn is the crowing glory of New England as much of the region possesses unique deciduous forests that yield bright colors throughout the fall season. These are not the only changes, as many birds also migrate south for the winter. Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk: Autumn in Connecticut”

Scout Project Gets Samuel Senior Park Ready for Classes

Samuel P. Senior Memorial Park was once home to an outdoor classroom designed to educate local children about the role wetlands play in improving water quality and providing wildlife habitat. Thanks to the efforts of Milo Goldstein and fellow Boy Scouts from Troop 66, the park is Continue reading “Scout Project Gets Samuel Senior Park Ready for Classes”

Sunday Nature Walk: Hawks of Connecticut

Not many birds capture the spirit of flight like that of the hawk. These fierce birds of prey are large, predatory masters of flight that spend much of their day soaring high in the sky, defending territory and searching for prey. Connecticut has eight different hawk species that Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk: Hawks of Connecticut”

Missing Tortoise Found

Blue Button Farm folks lost their beloved African Tiger Tortoise, Cubbie. She escaped from her pen on Sept. 26 and was last seen on Everett Road near the corner of Sherwood Road.

Cubbie was discovered in a neighboring apple orchard on Wednesday and safely returned to her family Continue reading “Missing Tortoise Found”