Op-Ed: The Case for Universal Design Adding Value to Our Town

At our recent Town Meeting, the governing body of the town, we heard differing views on the meaning, intention and uses of the proposed multi-use pathway, which is an item on Tuesday’s referendum, asking to affirm spending 80,000 upfront for the initial design phase, to be 80% reimbursed, Continue reading “Op-Ed: The Case for Universal Design Adding Value to Our Town”

Op-Ed: South Park Advisory Committee Final Report

At the next Board of Selectmen meeting I will officially make public the final report of the South Park Avenue Advisory Committee. It is a well-reasoned and well thought out report which the selectmen will consider as we move forward with the potential disposition of the South Park Continue reading “Op-Ed: South Park Advisory Committee Final Report”

Op-Ed: My Region 9 School Board Appointment

I wanted to take this opportunity to address our selectwoman, Kristi Sogofsky’s, comments stating that I am “someone who is deeply involved in and very public about her position on many of the difficult issues currently facing our school boards” in her recent Op-Ed. Although my name Continue reading “Op-Ed: My Region 9 School Board Appointment”

Op-Ed: Support Our Local School Boards

As Easton’s First Selectman, I have no authority over the school board, but I do feel a great deal of responsibility to weigh in on matters that impact our kids and our community. The ongoing attacks directed at our educators and our school board by a small group of people with a Continue reading “Op-Ed: Support Our Local School Boards”

Op-Ed: Opposes Region 9 School Board Appointment

The last Board of Selectmen meeting included a vote to appoint a new member to the Region 9 Board of Education. The vacancy came up because one of the elected members is moving out of town. That member happens to be a Republican. I strongly believe that education should not be politicized, Continue reading “Op-Ed: Opposes Region 9 School Board Appointment”

Commentary: Telling Easton’s Best Story

David Bindelglass has announced his run for a second term as first selectman. On behalf of the Easton DTC, we’re grateful and excited. We knew he’d do a great job, and now we know how lucky we were to have him at the helm during these unstable times. His sensible decision-making Continue reading “Commentary: Telling Easton’s Best Story”

Grenada Veteran Reflects on His Urgent Call to Duty

Salvatore Giardina of Easton addressed parishioners at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Fairfield at the Memorial Day Mass about his experience as a sailor in the U.S. Navy during the Grenada invasion.

My name is Sal Giardina, and I am a parishioner here at Assumption, and Continue reading “Grenada Veteran Reflects on His Urgent Call to Duty”

Op-Ed: Read the Resolution

On Tuesday, you have the chance to decide whether this town should adopt a proposed resolution on racism and public health.  Read the resolution on the town website before you head to the polls.  Consider what it says and decide whether you feel it is the right resolution for our Continue reading “Op-Ed: Read the Resolution”

Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk

To the Editor:

When the Board of Finance received the request for funding for the proposed Sport Hill sidewalk I had a number of questions. The main ones were how thoroughly had alternatives been evaluated, why did the cost for a bike and pedestrian pathway cost about double the Continue reading “Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk”

Op-Ed: Easton Resolution on Race in Public Health

On Agenda for April 26 Annual Town Meeting

One of the questions to be discussed at the annual town meeting on April 26 is the Easton Resolution on Racism and Public Health. As you may remember, this resolution was discussed by the Board of Selectman and endorsed unanimously on Continue reading “Op-Ed: Easton Resolution on Race in Public Health”