Column: The Health of Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic is probably over. We lost over one million of our fellow Americans as it grew from a menacing public health incident to a full blown national disaster. It is apparent in retrospect what went wrong. It is also apparent that despite the awful losses we suffered Continue reading “Column: The Health of Healthcare”

Henry Gets a Check-up

Henry, Dave Barney’s donkey, is something of a celebrity in our neighborhood. Visible from the road, walkers know him by name and it’s not unusual for cars to slow down and watch him for a minute or two. This is Easton after all and we appreciate many forms of local animal life.

Continue reading “Henry Gets a Check-up”

Column: Full Recovery

Paul Pelosi, the 82 year-old husband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was struck on the head by an intruder in his San Francisco home on Friday, Oct. 27, 2022 at just after 2:00 a.m.  The intruder struck Pelosi with a hammer and fractured his skull, rendering him unconscious. Continue reading “Column: Full Recovery”

Column: Brain Damage

For decades we have had the consequences of brain damage on display in news items and in competitive sports, but in most cases the viewing public is left on its own to figure out what actually happened to the affected individuals and what the longterm consequences will be. Two of Continue reading “Column: Brain Damage”

Column: Post Pandemic Threats

President Biden announced that the Covid pandemic is over. We shall see if he was right or unduly optimistic. Viruses are unpredictable. A strain that seems pervasive and persistent may change into an innocuous and sporadic variant in a matter of weeks. Alternatively, it can re-emerge Continue reading “Column: Post Pandemic Threats”

Column: Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of Americans has been declining in recent years. This applies to Americans of every skin shade, ethnic extraction, and national origin. Men have been hardest hit, but women are also exhibiting a progressive decline in longevity. This may surprise citizens Continue reading “Column: Life Expectancy”

Don’t Recycle Those Black Plastic Takeout Food Containers

Next time you order takeout, be sure to throw the black containers in the trash instead of your recycling bin.

The black plastic containers might seem recyclable, as they do have a recycling triangular arrow logo on the bottom, but beginning last year they are no longer accepted Continue reading “Don’t Recycle Those Black Plastic Takeout Food Containers”

Column: School Daze

In 1974, Mr. Levy was admitted to the hospital for the investigation of shortness of breath. He was a frail, elderly man with very pale skin and very little hair. He was one of thousands of little, old men admitted that year to the hospital for problems likely to be an inevitable Continue reading “Column: School Daze”

Column: The Pox

Forgive my nostalgia, but I yearn for those golden years when we had no more than one epidemic at a time. Perhaps it never truly existed: when polio crippled rich and poor alike, we still had thousands stricken each year by measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, and chicken pox. We Continue reading “Column: The Pox”

Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs

Fifty senators and the Vice-president voted to pass a bill that they claim will cut drug costs and reduce green-house gas emissions. The cuts in green-house gasses have been projected to occur over the next ten years, and the reduction in drug costs will theoretically materialize Continue reading “Column: Hot Air and Cheap Drugs”