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Most residents remember when Easton became a news desert. Hundreds of local news organizations have closed, as their advertising revenue disappeared, and the pandemic worsened. The print edition of the Easton Courier Continue reading “Please Support the Courier”


Letter: Response to the Letter from Sherry Harris

To the Editor:

Sherry Harris has objected to my Board of Selectmen meeting summaries. That is her perfect right. The summaries that Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky and I alternately prepare after each meeting are intended to be a public service.

We are attempting to offer another Continue reading “Letter: Response to the Letter from Sherry Harris”


Easton Police Log Feb. 22 – Feb. 28

114 Incident Reports Logged

10        9-1-1 Error / Transfer

0          Accidents

6          Aided Cases

9          Alarm / Fire Calls

12        Animal Calls

14        Assistance / All Other / K9 Assist

0          Consults With An Officer

0          Criminal Mischief / Property Damage

0          Dumping / Littering

2          Erratic Driver Reported

Continue reading “Easton Police Log Feb. 22 – Feb. 28”

Letter: Selectman Lessler’s Bias in Reporting Public Comment

To the Editor

In his summary of the Feb. 18 Board of Selectmen meeting published in the Easton Courier on Feb. 27, Attorney/Selectman Lessler took the liberty of paraphrasing my public comments. He submitted his version of my comments for publication without notifying me, without Continue reading “Letter: Selectman Lessler’s Bias in Reporting Public Comment”


Between Three Chairs: Superintendent Updates ER9 Board Chairs on Covid Vaccines for School Staff

This is the first installment published in the Easton Courier of Behind Three Chairs, virtual video conferencing between ER9 Superintendent Dr. Rydell Harrison and the Easton, Redding and Region 9 boards of education chairmen. The Covid-19 pandemic thwarted in-person meetings to Continue reading “Between Three Chairs: Superintendent Updates ER9 Board Chairs on Covid Vaccines for School Staff”


Health District Public Hearing Set for March 4

A Public Health District Hearing has been set for Thursday, March 4 at 9 a.m. per order of the Board of Selectmen about joined the Westport Weston Health District. You can get the Zoom link to the meeting here. The hearing video will be posted on Channel 79.

Read the March 2020 Continue reading “Health District Public Hearing Set for March 4”


Penny Wise

Wars are expensive. Our government has fought or aided others in several wars that have proved costly for our country and provided no tangible benefit. We do not hear much about our aid to the Saudi Arabian-backed conflict in Yemen. We never heard much about our support for a fellow Continue reading “Penny Wise”


Easton Budget Process Under a Pandemic

Last year the Easton Courier published an overview of the Easton budget process. The article went into some detail about how the town budget is developed and how the Board of Finance (BOF) works to prepare a budget request to present to the town for its approval. It was the process Continue reading “Easton Budget Process Under a Pandemic”


The Courier Celebrates a Leap Day Birthday

Those born on leap day, February 29, are called “leapsters.” The Easton Courier was born on this date one year ago, sharing the distinction with Gioachino Rossini, a fellow leapster born in 1792. He of course composed the famous William Tell Overture made more famous by “The Lone Continue reading “The Courier Celebrates a Leap Day Birthday”


Sunday Nature Walk – Winter’s Waterfowl

When the ponds, lakes and streams freeze over during the cold winter months, it is easy to believe that all of the waterbird life has headed south for the season. But our north is another bird’s south. In this case it is the ducks and water birds of the north that migrate south to Continue reading “Sunday Nature Walk – Winter’s Waterfowl”


The African-American Experience in Easton – The Lost Years

When my executive editor requested an historical article for Black History Month, I was faced with the dilemma of coming up with a significant piece of African-American history that related to Easton. Not an easy task given that our little town has gone for long stretches of time Continue reading “The African-American Experience in Easton – The Lost Years”