Grateful for the Hard Work of Easton’s Farmers

To the Editor:

I don’t know what I was doing during the summer that caused me to miss the articles about Easton’s farms and farmers, but I’m so glad you included them in your review of the year. It is obvious, but I’ll say it, Easton could never have maintained the beauty and history Continue reading “Grateful for the Hard Work of Easton’s Farmers”

Loved the Article about Easton Musicians

To the Editor:

Music in the Time of a Pandemic

What a wonderful compilation of reflections, stories, and music!  I loved it!  I feel like I used to know everyone in town — no longer! And it was great to get this snippet of a sense of the many talented musicians who live here.

Continue reading “Loved the Article about Easton Musicians”

Vandalism in the Community Serves No Purpose

To the Editor,

Over the past few weeks leading up to this year’s presidential election, there has been vandalism of public spaces to serve as advertisement for a political candidate. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the Department of Public Work’s responsiveness in covering Continue reading “Vandalism in the Community Serves No Purpose”

Civility Wins the Day in Easton

To the Editor:

I spent almost 14 hours outside today at the polls and am genuinely impressed with the town of Easton.  Not only did the people vote in unprecedented numbers both by absentee and in-person; but they did it in a friendly, orderly and courteous manner. 

The professional Continue reading “Civility Wins the Day in Easton”

Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes

To the Editor:

Integrity. Compassion. Selfless. Determined. The leadership of Anne Hughes.

In these uncertain times, it’s her kindness: Anne Hughes personally delivers PPE to places in need. It’s her moral integrity. She speaks up on racial injustice and unites the community on a Continue reading “Letter: Re-elect Rep. Anne Hughes”

Letter: John Shaban for 135th State Rep.

To the Editor:

During these tough times, I see the challenges we face to stay united on a national level. However, on a local level, we need to elect representatives that will stay focused on our issues facing Easton, Redding and Weston.

We vote at both local and national levels Continue reading “Letter: John Shaban for 135th State Rep.”

Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe to State Senate

To the Editor,

Please support of Michelle McCabe for State Senate. She has spent her career taking on some of the biggest challenges that face our community and will head to Hartford ready to fight for gun violence prevention, affordable healthcare, small businesses and the workforce, Continue reading “Letter: Elect Michelle McCabe to State Senate”

Letter: A Vote for Anne Hughes Is a Vote for Higher Taxes

To the Editor:

Ann Hughes, Democrat representing Weston, Easton and Redding in Hartford, is a member of the radical Progressive Caucus. John Shaban, Republican, who previously served three terms in that seat is running against her.

Hughes said in her Oct. 17 debate with Shaban Continue reading “Letter: A Vote for Anne Hughes Is a Vote for Higher Taxes”

Letter: Recommends John Shaban for 135th District

To the Editor;

I am writing to recommend John Shaban for re-election as our representative for the 135th District. Easton, now more than ever, needs a representative who is focused on the local needs of our community.

Through my membership on the Easton Republic Town Committee, Continue reading “Letter: Recommends John Shaban for 135th District”

Letter: Vote for John Shaban’s Return to Hartford

To the Editor:

I am voting for John Shaban for State Representative for the 135th District on November 3rd.

John has served our community from 2011 to 2017 for three terms. He has the experience and legal background to get the job done in Hartford.

Please join me in voting Continue reading “Letter: Vote for John Shaban’s Return to Hartford”