Savannah: History’s Revelations and Reversals

When I was a teenager, history classes touted states’ rights more than slavery as the cause of the Civil War, and the romance of “Gone with the Wind” further colored my perception of Dixie’s fall. When I visited my grandmother in the South, I was enraged by the destruction wreaked Continue reading “Savannah: History’s Revelations and Reversals”

The Art of Rhetoric, Public Discourse and Civil Debate

The public square has always been the foundation of a thriving democracy, since it is the space where public discourse occurs. The American origins of the public square were often colonial village schoolhouses and outdoor town centers. The first printing presses gave rise to pamphlets Continue reading “The Art of Rhetoric, Public Discourse and Civil Debate”

Alms to the Reading Gods of Samuel Staples Elementary School

I am quite sure that I stepped into my first grade classroom as a beam of pure light, radiating myself out as ardently as I could to every single color-coded Lippincott Basic Reader, singing hallelujahs with my very presence. Frozen by the moment, I stood coveting a desk at the very Continue reading “Alms to the Reading Gods of Samuel Staples Elementary School”

Waving Grand Green Flags

“I think that I shall never see /A poem lovely as a tree. “— Joyce Kilmer

Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem recycles in my brain when I walk along a woodsy trail here in Easton or close by. In the last decade I have embraced my own affinity for trees, especially large ones, old ones, Continue reading “Waving Grand Green Flags”

The Un-Bee-lievable Adventures of Dana Ceva: EASTON FRONT PORCH

Dana Ceva, Easton resident, graduated from UCONN in 2019 with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Landscape Architecture involves designing the natural world and integrating it with the built environment. As a residential landscape designer, Dana is designing pool environments, gardens, Continue reading “The Un-Bee-lievable Adventures of Dana Ceva: EASTON FRONT PORCH”

How To Be a Hero

Register to vote. Check. Found my polling station. Check. Ballot in box. Check. Is that it? At a basic level, voting is the most powerful way we can influence our ever-evolving society. Our individual civic duty to vote can change a community and give a voice to younger generations.

Continue reading “How To Be a Hero”