Letter: Life Expectancy Declines–Huge Contributor Mostly Ignored

To the Editor:

Dr. Lechtenberg informs on various reasons for the downturn in life expectancy, but the one that deserves the most attention in my opinion is the most controllable by most of us: living a healthier lifestyle.

Our medical system can and does work miracles – one Continue reading “Letter: Life Expectancy Declines–Huge Contributor Mostly Ignored”

Incremental Attempts At Solving Alzheimer’s Puzzle

Alzheimer’s disease continues to be a relatively common cause of mental decline in the United States. Its cause is unknown and its clinical course is relatively unpredictable. It inexorably diminishes the mental abilities of the affected individual, but the rate of that deterioration Continue reading “Incremental Attempts At Solving Alzheimer’s Puzzle”

Column: Dominion

Homo sapiens is a unique species.  It lacks many of the advantages that have evolved in other animals, and yet it prevails as the dominant species on the planet.  Eagles have better vision.  Dogs have better hearing, Rats have more resilient genito-urinary systems. Monarch butterflies Continue reading “Column: Dominion”

Column: Black and White

X-rays and other imaging studies used in medical investigations are generally black and white depictions of bone, blood, spinal fluid and other body materials. Dyes, magnetic chemicals and other such enhancing agents may be used to see fine details or specific activities, but the Continue reading “Column: Black and White”

Column: Texas Bans Pregnancy Terminations with Medical Consequences

The Governor of Texas proclaimed, “Our Creator endowed us with the right to life…” as he signed the bill that will effectively ban pregnancy terminations in Texas and will probably end most organ transplantation in America. He was photographed at the signing, from which the press Continue reading “Column: Texas Bans Pregnancy Terminations with Medical Consequences”

Letter: Thanks to Bruce Nelson and Dr. Lechtenberg

To the Editors:

I am so grateful to The Courier for introducing me to Bruce Nelson and Richard Lechtenberg through their columns. Through his vintage pictures, stories, and historical accounts, Bruce offers a window into Easton’s past, as well as that of some of her people. His most Continue reading “Letter: Thanks to Bruce Nelson and Dr. Lechtenberg”

Memorial Day Message

Last year, The Courier’s Executive Editor, Nancy Doniger, articulated what was on the minds of many in town when she wrote, “I look forward to the day when Eastonites will once again line Center Road, cheering on the marchers and the Helen Keller Middle School Band, and listening Continue reading “Memorial Day Message”

The Right Religion

Most of the religious training I received was from Roman Catholic teachers. I was spared the burden of going to parochial school because this education was provided free at my public school. I was introduced to Christianity at 5 years of age and had no other religious training until Continue reading “The Right Religion”

Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…

The Easton Courier would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the varied and thought-provoking contributions from our columnists and community writers, who observed life in Easton from many perspectives. Bruce Nelson, Tomas Koeck, Gale Papageorge, Robert LaValle, and Dr. Richard Lechtenberg Continue reading “Year in Review 2020:The Courier Thanks…”

Too Little. Too Late.

At last, the end is in sight.  No, I am not referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am referring to 2020, the year that gave birth to a new vocabulary for Americans, including such terms as pandemic fatigue, Covid deniers, mask refusers, stimulus package, and excess mortality. We have Continue reading “Too Little. Too Late.”