Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years

When Al and Patti Popp planted some corn, tomatoes, and zucchini 20 years ago, they weren’t sure what would happen. Since then, they’ve grown as Sport Hill Farm, offering a wide variety of locally grown, seasonal produce. But they never lost that adventurous spirit that got them Continue reading “Sport Hill Farm Celebrates 20 Years”

Shaggy Coos Farm Under New Management

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, of the 689 farmers in Fairfield County, only 72 are under the age of 35. This statistic exemplifies an overall trend: farmers are aging in America.

Brittany Conover, Shaggy Coos Farm’s new manager, Continue reading “Shaggy Coos Farm Under New Management”

Family Joins Town Farming Tradition with ‘Guinea Pig Garden’

Longtime Easton residents Kathi and John Cunningham have opened their home to their daughter, Megan, her husband, Daniel Chait, and the couple’s son, Jack. 

Typically, the Cunninghams are accustomed to weekly trips to New York City to see their children. Their son, David, lives Continue reading “Family Joins Town Farming Tradition with ‘Guinea Pig Garden’”