Column: The Race Wars

The second amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect us, not to kill us.  What most Americans do not remember or do not know is that this amendment was a response to conditions prevailing in America at the end of the Eighteenth Century.  It states, “A well regulated Militia, Continue reading “Column: The Race Wars”

Column: Expressway to Revolution

Author’s note:  I wrote “Expressway to Revolution,”  four years ago, while Trump was in office, and the year before my mother died. Much has happened recently to heighten the questions and concerns I reflect on in this piece. It’s also a fond tribute to my mother, as this was one Continue reading “Column: Expressway to Revolution”

Column: A Closer Look at Our Founding Fathers

John Hancock, a wealthy merchant from Boston, Massachusetts, who gained renown for evading the British blockade of Boston Harbor during the American Revolution, signed the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776. As President of the Second Continental Congress, he had the honor Continue reading “Column: A Closer Look at Our Founding Fathers”

Column: PTSD

History, especially American history, interests me. It is filled with adventures, tragedies and comedies. Every historian is a storyteller who brings his or her own perspective to the information. The best historians are those who keep the story interesting without pursuing personal Continue reading “Column: PTSD”