Grow-a-Row Now for Distribution to Easton’s Elderly

Backyard Gardeners Can Share Bounty with Home-Bound Seniors

Calling all home gardeners. Offer your excess produce to the non-profit Stamford-based Food Rescue US, who will donate it to home-bound seniors in town.

Beginning on June 7, residents can bring veggies and fruits from Continue reading “Grow-a-Row Now for Distribution to Easton’s Elderly”

Harvest Happiness at Silverman’s Farm

Under the shadow of a stressful pandemic, the skies opened up as a warm autumn sun spilled down upon the huge crowds at Silverman’s Farm.  Irv Silverman drove about in his golf cart, talking with his staff and visitors to his farm.  The parking lots were filled to capacity, as hundreds Continue reading “Harvest Happiness at Silverman’s Farm”