Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms

Huge tracts of our planet have been in a deep freeze for tens of thousands of years. After the most recent ice age, some of the most northerly land masses in the Northern Hemisphere remained frozen. These were referred to as permafrost regions, the Earth’s deep freezer. Over the Continue reading “Column: Global Warming Defrosts Danger to All Life Forms”

Column: Unmasked

A member of the U.S. House of Representatives recently declared that the House rule that members must wear masks while in the House chamber was equivalent to the Nazi demand that Jews wear gold stars on their clothing to facilitate their being identified, packed on to cattle cars, Continue reading “Column: Unmasked”

Celebrate Like It’s 1952

Once again, America has chosen a government in the middle of a pandemic.  Of course, in 1952 nobody called it a pandemic.  It was just an American epidemic.  The dead and crippled were accumulating in record numbers outside the U.S., but back then we only seemed to notice the misery Continue reading “Celebrate Like It’s 1952”

Learning From History

The televangelist, Pat Robertson, called the AIDS epidemic, “God’s harvest of sinners.” The sinners he was referring to were not rapists, murderers, pedophiles or human traffickers. They were homosexual men. This reflected the common feeling in the United States that AIDS would somehow Continue reading “Learning From History”