First Selectman Adam Dunsby spent his final day in office clearing out personal items prior to turning over the reins to his successor, Dr. David Bindelglass. Dunsby served for three terms but did not seek re-election. 

He summed up his time in office and his accomplishments as follows:

“As my time as Easton’s first selectman draws to a close, I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the people of Easton for their support over these past six years. It has been a great privilege serving you, and I will cherish my time working with residents, officials, and staff.

Working together over these past years we have accomplished a lot and we should be proud of our town: 

Easton is in strong financial shape: Our debt has declined by half over the past six years, our unassigned fund balance has grown, we have maintained our AAA-credit rating, and our pension obligations are well-funded. Since 2013 the average annual property tax increase has been a bit under 0.5%, all while maintaining our excellent schools and providing tax relief for seniors. 

Our town has some important new capital improvements, including a solar power array behind Samuel Staples Elementary School, which produces almost as much electricity as the school uses, as well as a pavilion and restrooms at the Morehouse fields.

Safety and communication are improved, including needed cell service for central Easton and an award-winning commitment to workplace safety. Our town website provides transparency and an easy-to-access portal into municipal government. 

Lastly, a special thanks to the dozens of Easton residents who volunteer their time and expertise to our town’s many boards and commissions. Easton cannot function without their service, and I encourage all residents to consider volunteering to continue to preserve and improve the town we all love.

I wish all Easton residents – especially our newly elected municipal officials – the best.”

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