Go to your room!” was never a command uttered from my lips or those of my parents, but many of us along the route of life’s challenges are familiar with it one way or another. 

And now, across the entire globe we’ve been told, “Go to your room!” To which we might reply, “But wait! It wasn’t me. What did I do?” while in our heart of hearts we know exactly what made the powers at hand react in such a manner.  “Now go to your room!  And then think about what you’ve done!”

Well, I’ve been thinkin’ …

It’s easy to appreciate the love that comes wrapped in pretty, warm and fluffy packages, but more meaningful love always presents itself as a challenge. However difficult and unfair it may seem, looking beyond the obvious, our current condition of confinement is far more than just a health precaution. All gloves are off in this act of tough love from none other than everyone’s mother, nature herself. After many unheeded warnings, this daunting time of sickness, distress, death and limitations may well be a last resort to get our full attention.  The world at a standstill will hopefully force its inhabitants to finally stop — and think.

To find further sensibility, grace and solace, I know we’ll need to stretch a bit, but let’s presume only love exists. Anything you consider bad is actually love challenging us to seek greater love. And since love alone exists, it is the driving force for all that is and all that does.  Love stops at nothing and will do whatever is necessary for the sake of love to evolve and flourish. We can call it love-o-lution. (First four letters of e-v-o-l-ution spelled backwards)

As humans, the highest form of intelligence on the planet, we have the capacity, capability and responsibility to realize and exercise truth. We don’t necessarily get it, because the love objective requires time, effort and energy. Just like the creation of a diamond beneath the earth’s crust: only with tremendous earthly pressure, heat and specific geological conditions can a lump of carbon become transformed and then actually benefit mankind with its ability to reflect light.  

Due to the great law of love, each of us is a diamond in the making. It’s up to the individual to take a stand by practicing the necessary dance that leads to deeper understanding and increased awareness. Though the concept of prevailing love is ancient, beautiful and simple, like the diamond, it wasn’t designed to be easily attainable. Not even the greatest of our preachers and spiritual teachers have been able to convince us. They did, and continue to do, everything possible (and seemingly impossible) to light our

way, but for some reason, (perhaps our blind ignorance), this essential truth remains elusive.

Hollywood exemplifies man’s search for fulfillment in The Wizard of OZ. When Dorothy’s life in Kansas no longer satisfied her, she set out. The bright sunny day she fled quickly transitioned into a life-threatening tornado. She nearly lost her life, and then repeatedly risked her life to save others who were also searching for things they already possessed.

After encountering numerous trials and tribulations with so-called evil, she and the others got to realize certain truths. Now we, in our isolation and loss, might also begin to realize certain truths. There is no place like ‘home’ and nothing exists but love for the sake of more love.

As explained by the Beatles in “Come Together,” there’s no way around it. One — and — one — and —  one — is — three; all life events add up. The karmic slogan, “What goes around comes around” is supported by evidence. The novel coronavirus pandemic had to happen for the sake of “love-o-lution.” Not only was it in the cards, it arrived serendipitously and in the perfect nick of time. Something BIG had to grab our attention that would irrefutably promote the mission of oneness and greater love.

More than searching for real meaning and truth, man’s history is steeped in complacency and ignorance. When in conflict, he’d sooner shoot and kill than turn the other cheek. The reason for turning the other cheek is not to again be slapped in the face, but to look in the opposite direction, away from hate, toward expressing his love. Man may well be gluttonous, lazy, and ignorant; but along with these weaknesses, man remains nothing less and nothing more than pure love, for the sake of pure love. However, in his search for meaning, he has comfortably decided to serve himself first. 

We’ve got to love him, but by serving himself first, he regards all other life as subservient. Whether it is a wartime combatant, a trophy lion, tiger or bear, the consumption of a cow, a pig, a chicken, a dog, a bat or pangolin, man has used each to soothe and satisfy his voracious consumptive appetite for more and more and more (one more) and more! In other words, mankind has run amuck, thinking that the more he consumes, the better off he is, while boasting about a freedom to choose that revolves around his decision to ignore his own physical, mental and spiritual gluttony.

Individuals marinated in ignorance and ego may not understand the bigger

picture, but certainly love does. Feeling the effects of such deep disregard, our Father of all fathers, omnipresent love consciousness, as well as our Mother of all mothers, something needs to be done about it.

Love will prevail, whether we self-centered, miniscule-minded, misled humanoids like it or not. It’s the law, and because of it the forces at large will do what is necessary in order to achieve balance. As witnessed by the current COVID-19 global health crisis, as well as massive hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, mega-droughts, wildfires, etc., balance is inevitable. And as horrifying and devastating as this outbreak appears, if further balancing is necessary to accommodate the universe’s quest for love, it will happen at whatever the cost. In the end, love, the creator and destroyer will prevail!

It has taken a deadly virus to get us to stop, look and listen. The indifferent coronavirus has no interest in the almighty dollar, fame or fortune; but unfortunately, those on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder are once again the most vulnerable and most affected. Due to a society that has never offered them a fair shake, they’ve been forced to endure the brunt of the disease. Society has long spoken, and until society turns around and realizes that all people are indeed equal, some will continue to suffer far more than others.

In the case of the coronavirus, these “underclass,” certainly underpaid, and often disrespected individuals happen to be the majority of those putting their lives on the front line, doing the tremendously important and dangerous work to help heal a society that too often disregards them. Now, as we sit in our rooms, overstocked with toilet paper, they are finally receiving the long-overdue respect and credit they deserve. Hailed as heroes, perhaps they’ll finally feel the dignity that respect, social acceptance, and gratitude offers. The coronavirus has forced open many eyes that were once sealed shut.

Recognizing the world’s level of distress, TV ads and the media have shifted their focus. Instead of superficial messages of “buy, buy, buy, want, want, want, feed, feed, feed and need, need, need,” suddenly it’s all about “love-love-love.” Media is a-abuzz with “one world,” “one people,” and “we are all connected,” with ads expressing love and solidarity among our suffering population.  Hmmmmm … Once again, the Beatles sang it out loud, “All you need is love”.

And let’s take a look at the right/left rhetoric about socialism this and communism that. Look at what universal consciousness is forcing upon our government. Free health care, free money, bailouts, handouts, food banks, you name it. You can call it whatever you choose, socialism, communism, generosity, political aspirations, fear, propaganda or appreciation, but I’ll call it love.

In the end we will become more grateful for the simple pleasures and the opportunities for growth that the coronavirus and this blessing called ‘life’ offer. We’ve been handed a sacred opportunity to finally get it right. It’s up to us to be wise enough to go beyond the return to normalcy so many are clamoring for.

Let’s all go to our rooms and think about how we can make this world a better place, not just for ourselves, but for all mankind. When we’re finally able to safely emerge, let it be a rebirth into a “new earth” where our hearts and souls honor and respect the now indisputable fact (even Donald Trump may agree with). We are truly all one!

As the depth of this “act of love” unfolds, surely dominoes will continue to fall, but love will never abandon us. Hopefully, our newfound awareness will help stand them back up, this time stronger, smarter and more loving than ever. This pandemic is not only a significant scientific, sociological and economic lesson: it is a great spiritual opportunity to learn love. Let’s not squander this most fragile, critical and decisive time, but use it to love each other and the planet that sustains us, more and more. If this renewed feeling of love and union should eventually subside, as it tends to, at the very least we will have learned that all is possible and all is good in “love-o-lution.”



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