Where does this referendum say anything about putting a commercial building on our  South Park Avenue property?

This referendum passed by a wide margin in 2008 — 1,249 votes in favor of the referendum (75%) and 412 votes against it (25%). Then Easton purchased the property. 

At the South Park Advisory Committee’s zoom meeting on April 20, 2020, Easton’s P&Z Chair suggested that we could put a commercial building on this property and that he could easily accomplish this with a simple “text change.”

Doing so could break our zoning in Easton and possibly open our town to commercial development for the first time in something like 80 years. 

It’s time that we pass a land use ordinance in Easton so that control of town property would rest in the hands of the town legislature (The Town Meeting, which consists of Easton citizens).  Additionally, we should pass an ordinance requiring that P&Z become an elected body (as it is in other CT towns) so that they can be held responsible for their actions at the polls and be voted out if necessary. And we should do this soon!

Grant Monsarrat


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