The Library is pleased to announce that a $100 donation pledge has been made by the Fayek family to “provide books for children of all ages so they can explore diversity and grow their empathy for people who are different than themselves,” according to Lara Fayek.

The Library has also received an offer from an anonymous donor to purchase 10 books by Kate Schatz. The intention of this donation is to take steps toward having a more inclusive society by educating ourselves and reading books about our diversified fellow citizens and opening a discussion on racism.

“These resources are especially important in this current climate of racial unrest. We are so grateful to the Fayek family and the anonymous donor for their generous donations,” said Lynn Zaffino, Library Director. “We are thrilled to be able to purchase books which will help children to understand these complex issues.”

The Library’s Adult Summer Reading program will run from June 16 to August 14. Patrons can submit books read on the Google Form on the Library’s website starting on June 16. These books will go toward the READ AROUND THE WORLD initiative, which will result in donations to the Easton Animal Shelter and Mikey’s Way.

The Library will also be raffling off gift cards to local establishments and farms throughout the summer. For reading suggestions or for more details about the program, visit

The latest installment of Librarian Kristine Oulman’s Community Book Chat series features Kristine interviewing outgoing Region 9 Superintendent Thomas McMorran about one of his favorite books. The video is available here. Tune in and see what he has to say!

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