My emotions often well up when I witness what I consider perfection. Really, and anything goes, from watching a Disney animation to a civil rights protest on CNN. Any outward display of genuine human love tugs at my heartstrings. Listening to the Beatles or Beethoven or anything in between can overflow my heart and soul. A feeling of “this can’t get any better” casts a huge shadow on life’s seemingly, trivial minutia.

Dealing with the noise in the world is easier when you know that Love is always in action, moving in the direction of more Love for the sake of love. There are many times when I feel pressured, less sensitive and less aware, but nonetheless, getting to witness love at its best always knocks me off my feet and this could be as simple as some grandpa and grandma holding hands.

During these days of the “quarantine,” all of us have been forced into wearing a new hat. Things we totally took for granted, like even toilet paper, as ridiculous as it may seem, play a new role! Imagine … no toilet paper and you probably already have. There are many cultures and people without the luxury so I suppose we are fortunate. In fact, there are times when I’ve been so simultaneously grateful and  sensitive that I’ve teared up while reaching for a sheet. 😉

Bird feeder photo courtesy of-Robert LaValle

My computer is situated on my desk, which is next to a window that frames an amazing slice of my little piece of Easton. Besides the view of clouds shifting among the sunlit sky of blue against the opposing beautiful bounty of green, in the forefront of the framed picture (about a foot away) is a popular bird feeder. Popular in the sense that every cardinal-sized bird and smaller, within a mile radius, knows its whereabouts.

Witnessing birds so closely during this intense time of isolation has been ever more satisfying, but what I love most is when mommy and daddy visit together. And even better is when daddy bird removes the shell to give the seed to his beloved, beak to beak. A pair of house finches recently did the same and brought their newly fledged offspring to teach him the ropes. Though the weight-adjusted platform only allows more dainty birds to make their way, blue jays along with other birds have cleverly figured out a way to partake. By placing one leg on the platform while the other grabs the stationary sidewall, these skittish bigger birds are able to dig in. But when it comes to this feeder, many smaller characters feel they own it and think nothing of interrupting by swooping in on the bigger bird, making themselves comfortable. It’s all love in action, moving in the direction of more love for the sake of love.

By now, most of us have seen and heard musicians performing from their homes, using the latest synchronized technology and recording techniques. Soloists, bands, choruses and orchestras all over the world are offering themselves to help ease the pain of withdrawal. In times of despair, it seems to be the artist who can best quell the pain. In the 1997 blockbuster film, Titanic, though emotional throughout, I was able to hold back my tears until the end when the string musicians gathered to soothe themselves as well as all others within earshot aboard the sinking ship. Again, this was love in action, moving in the direction of more love for the sake of love.

Another fine example of love in action is this very fine collage of professional musicians doing their thing.  I often receive these type things but when my son sent it to me he neglected to tell me he was
one of the performers. Throughout the piece various musicians appear then disappear. Michael LaValle, an alumnus of Easton schools, class of 1998, is the one wearing the baseball cap playing a white Fender Precision bass.  A bass I bought for myself with my first teaching paycheck back in 1973. Please sit back and enjoy this very special representation of love in action, moving in the direction of more love for the sake of love.

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