Making Love to Your Moments
Making Love to Your Moments by Shari Butler, PhD

Easton therapist and author Shari Butler’s recently published book Making Love to Your Moments might be the perfect antidote for those feeling anxious in the midst of a global pandemic and socially distanced from friends and family.

“The book describes very simple things people can do to relieve anxiousness and depression,” Butler said. “When we engage our senses in activities like listening to music, petting a dog or cat, going for a walk, touching a tree, we are being present in every moment.”

Butler said the book was born out of her 35 years in private psychotherapy practice. She completed the book in January, but after failing to find an agent or publisher, she decided to self-publish the book in April and list it on Amazon.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Mindfulness can help with isolation because when you focus deeply on yourself you don’t feel alone,” Butler said.

She said that even being socially distanced can provide opportunities for inner work like taking walks in nature.

Making Love to Your Moments can be purchased on Amazon in paperback or Kindle by clicking here.

You can also follow Butler on Twitter at @PhdShari or visit her Making Love To Your Moments website.

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