Greiser’s Does the Pandemic Pivot — Again

In-Store Shopping, New Online Groceries and Gifts When Shop Reopens Sept. 1

Greiser’s Coffee & Market is closed this week to get ready for an uncertain autumn. When it reopens on Sept. 1, customers will have full access to in-store shopping from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. daily except Monday, and find all new groceries and gifts on its website.  

“Due mostly to your enthusiastic support, Greiser’s survived the first six months of the pandemic plus a five-day blackout,” Adrienne Jane Burke said in a message to customers on behalf of the Greiser’s team.

“We will still be a safe option for anyone in town who is quarantining — we’re taking orders online and delivering!” she said.

In order to stay open, Greiser’s asks customers to comply with state laws to keep everyone healthy, and asks all customers to please:

  • Not come to the store if you feel unwell.
  • Wear a secure covering over your mouth and nose while in the store.
  • Minimize your time inside the store: Read menus online or outside first if possible. (Sorry, still no indoor seating, but outdoor seating remains available.)
  • Use hand sanitizer provided when you enter and exit the store.
  • Give exiting customers room to pass before you enter.
  • Follow social distancing signs and floor markers. All traffic must follow our “scenic route.” Even just for coffee!
  • When ordering online, choose the “delivery” option if you don’t need your items before 5 p.m. The team prefers to provide free in-Easton delivery instead of curbside pickup, but Burke urges customers to please tip drivers.
  • Follow Greiser’s on Instagram or Facebook for daily menus, grocery specials, and policy updates.