These portraits of some of Easton’s oldest residents pay tribute to their longevity. They range in age from 99 to 104. The number of years they’ve collectively lived in Easton is older than the town itself. They’ve raised families in Easton, lost loved ones along the way, embarked on adventures, led fulfilling careers, and continue to thrive.

Luella Ostrofsky, Easton’s oldest resident at 104 and an avid reader of biographies and history.
Margorie Goodfellow, 99, gazing blissfully into the camera next to a picture of her late husband Robert who died 25 years ago.


Annette Norton, 100, a former TWA stewardess during aviation’s golden era and a lover of anything chocolate.
Paul Rawson, 99, who worked as an illustrator for G.E surrounded by his artwork for the Jesse Lee Methodist Church where he worships.
Anne Fiyalka, 99, who once flew with Amelia Earhart and keeps a daily calendar of activities.

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