The Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut (ARTC) has endorsed John Shaban for re-election as state representative for the 135th Assembly District (Easton, Redding, Weston).  Shaban served as State Representative for the 135th for three terms from 2011 to 2017 and did not run for a fourth term, opting instead to run for U.S. Congress. 

This year ARTC endorsed 67 Democrats and 20 Republicans for State House office.  (See  ARTC also endorsed Shaban in 2014 before his third term in Hartford.

“I’m proud to receive ARTC’s endorsement again in 2020,” Shaban said. “I have worked tirelessly with current and retired teachers by fighting the state’s efforts to ignore its obligations to our educators. We can and will pay teacher pensions by controlling our reckless spending, and dedicating funds each year to this long-ignored problem.”

ARTC’s endorsement follows recent endorsements from the Weston Police Department, the Fraternal Order of Police Connecticut, and the Connecticut chapter of the National Federation of Independent/Small Businesses.  

Shaban is the Republican Party candidate and the Independent Party candidate.

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