Library Plans Winter Art Show Fundraiser

The Easton Public Library is gearing up for an Art Show Fundraiser in early 2021 to benefit the Children’s Expansion Fund. Library Director Lynn Zaffino was recently approached by Keri English-Giddes, Founder/Director of the Easton Arts Center and Owner of LaLaPicasso LLC. English-Giddes made the generous offer to create an art show with some of her work, including pieces from her “Housepaint” series and demos from her remote lessons, to help raise money for the library.

“I was just blown away by Keri’s offer,” Zaffino said. “I’ve known Keri for years, and she is such a warm, caring, energetic person. I so appreciate the fact that she wants to do this for the library.”

“The Easton Public Library is the heart of the community, and has been an important aspect in the upbringing of my children,” said English-Giddes. “When my children were small, we attended every event possible. We’ve met some of our closest friends in town during these years. When I heard about the plans for the addition, it only made sense to have the proceeds from our next Easton Arts Center Children’s Art Exhibition and Silent Auction benefit the library and the new children’s expansion.”

Due to COVID, not only was the auction canceled, but the kids lost the opportunity to create art. Since the special needs’ students needed their lessons and routine, English-Giddes began teaching online. Therefore, she needed to experiment with the “process” prior to their lessons as opposed to with them.

As a result, she has “gessoed” over canvas time and time again and then realized that she could be saving this work. “Gesso” is a hard compound of plaster of Paris or whiting in glue, used in sculpture or as a base for gilding or painting on wood.

English-Giddes would like this work to be her contribution to the library, the Easton Arts Center’s contribution, to say thank you. According to her, “The work represents the art that is fluid, has movement, no end, art that continues: ‘the process.’”

The show is expected to begin in late January, and it will take place in the library community room. More details will be announced at a later date. To learn more about Keri English-Giddes and the Easton Arts Center, visit The Easton Arts Center’s Facebook page or LaLa Picasso – School of Art and Music.

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