Christ Church Tree Shines Brightly

The Parish of Christ Church announces the lighting of their Christmas tree, located near the intersection of Route 59 and Church Road.

In years past, the traditional tree-lighting event included a huge bonfire, bake sale, and caroling. Open to the Easton community, it heralded the start of the holiday season.

“In the interest of public safety, we scaled back this event to include just the tree,” said Andy Hathaway, Christ Church’s senior warden. “We all agreed the lights were especially needed this year to brighten everyone’s spirits,”

Junior Warden Sonia Bodie added, “We’re thrilled to share this beautiful tree with the Easton community, a beacon of hope of better things to come!”

Sonia also noted that Christ Church has a number of Christmas events scheduled on Zoom that Eastonites are welcomed to attend. Zoom call info is available by calling the parish office: 203-268-3569.

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