In an era of polarized news media, fake social media accounts, misinformation, and spin, we at the Courier pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of integrity founded on non-biased truth.

Our story: ‘Fakebook’? Suspect Account Raises Concerns was a truly collaborative effort. Suspicion about the Facebook post was brought to our attention by several community members. The Facebook account, claiming to be a woman named Renee DeVitto from Redding, Conn., posted messages critical of state Rep. Ann Hughes to the groups Easton CT Happenings, We Are Easton, CT, and Easton 411.

After extensive research, fact-checking and investigation by our editorial team, we felt it was necessary to publish our findings in order to combat the spread of misinformation that continues to threaten our democracy in an age of social media.

The paramount responsibility of journalism is to inform the public. Our goal is to bring you quality content that serves the community and enables our readers to make more educated decisions about the issues that surround and impact them.

‘Fakebook’? Suspect Account Raises Concerns

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