Bipartisan Groups from Easton, Redding, and Weston Will Present Panel Discussion

The Easton Democratic Town Committee Anti-Racism Coalition along with a bipartisan group of organizations from Easton, Redding, and Weston will present a virtual panel discussion, “The Freedom Riders: In Their Own Words.”

The virtual discussion with the Freedom Riders will take place via Zoom on Thursday, Feb. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The event will feature Freedom Riders Joan Browning and Dion Diamond and will be moderated by Nancy Doniger, Easton Courier executive editor.

The DTC Anti-Racism Coalition, joined by bipartisan groups from Easton, Redding, and Weston, is thrilled to welcome the Freedom Riders to their communities via Zoom. This virtual panel discussion will focus on the history-making freedom rides as well as the racial and social justice issues facing our country today.

Topics will include why it’s important to take a stand for justice, how we can create inclusive and equitable communities and the impact of taking action against injustice. 

“This event is a great way to commemorate the 60-year anniversary of the Freedom Riders,” Devon Wible, chair of the Easton DTC ARC said. “I am looking forward to not only hearing from these American heroes who lived and changed history for the better, but also learning from them about how we can further the movement for social and racial justice right now. I am also thrilled that we have so much support from our town and surrounding towns.” 

The virtual event has widespread support in Easton, Redding, and Weston with more than 10 community groups joining to sponsor the discussion. When asked why they sponsored the event, theER9 Social Justice Group stated: “This event highlights our goals to educate our community about history that is often whitewashed and sped through in the curriculum. Sponsoring events informs our younger audience of the importance of interacting with history from an anti-racist lens.”

“We are thrilled to be involved in bringing these important people in history to our town and residents,” said Wendy Bowditch, chair of the Easton Republican Town Committee.

“Celebrating and listening with each other are key elements in creating a more inclusive society.” Gillann Blunschi-Napoleon, chair of the Weston Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Advisory Committee, said.“Weston DEI Advisory Committee is excited to sponsor this discussion as it will surely remind us that we all have the ability to influence and build the change we want to see in the world around us.” 

The event is free and open to the public. To register, click here. You can also submit questions before the event here.

Sponsors include: Easton Democratic Town Committee; Easton DTC Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC); Easton Republican Town Committee; Weston Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee; Easton Public Library; ER9 Social Justice Group; The James Baldwin Project; Easton Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (EDIT); Redding League of Women Voters; Mark Twain Library; Redding Democratic Town Committee; Redding Civic League.

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