To the Editor:

Sherry Harris has objected to my Board of Selectmen meeting summaries. That is her perfect right. The summaries that Selectwoman Kristi Sogofsky and I alternately prepare after each meeting are intended to be a public service.

We are attempting to offer another source of information about the work of the Board of Selectmen to those who may not attend our meetings, read the formal minutes, or watch the video of the meetings.

They are not intended to be verbatim transcripts of the meetings. Rather, the goal is to highlight the topics covered at our meetings, note the actions taken by the board, and provide a fair summary of the points made by various speakers. I believe that is what I have done.

Ms. Harris and I do not have much in common politically and we have long civilly disagreed on public policy. However, I completely agree with her recommendation that anyone seeking more information about our meetings should watch the videos and draw their own conclusions about the integrity of the summaries.

Selectman Bob Lessler

Easton Board of Selectmen

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