To the Editor:

I was recently made aware of the form below generated by our public schools community. Its genesis is being investigated. However, of grave concern is that our public schools are encouraging students of any age to bring to their attention ” information that can be used to keep a classmate, friend, or safe from mean behaviors, self-harm, and/or drug involvement.”      

What one considers “mean behavior” is very subjective. Our public schools are essentially inviting the children and young adults to spy on and report matters theyperceive fit the School Climate Claims parameters. What this form doesn’t tell us is the follow-up to its submission.     

1. Who conducts the follow-up?     2. What is the process followed?     3. Who serves as judge, jury and sentencing officer?     Lastly, what are the School Climate parameters for “mean behavior?”

Some time ago, our former superintendent introduced a similar program to our community called “” Once made public it was immediately terminated before enacted. Parents and neighbors beware… when you chastise a neighborhood youth for what you perceive as inappropriate behavior, you may get a visit from the “School ClimateOfficer” and face who knows what wrath and punishment!

Beverlee Dacey


ER9 Incident Report Form 2020-2021

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