All too often people call us when it is their absolute worst day. They are very sick or severely injured. It is a rare occurrence when we are called to help celebrate something good. But today, just that happened. At approximately 7:45 a.m. Easton 911 received a call for a woman in labor.

Easton EMS, Easton CT Police Department and Easton, CT Volunteer Fire Department were dispatched and responded immediately, as a team. The police helped EMS load mom safely into the ambulance while the fire fighters prepared the ambulance for transport.

EMTs Josh and Peter were able to focus all their attention on mom while police and fire officials figured out the rest. With contractions minutes apart, our ambulance picked up the paramedic enroute to the hospital and before they could get to the hospital a little baby boy made his first appearance to this world in the back of our ambulance.

JUST AMAZING. Huge morale booster for our staff that has seen so much suffering over that last few months. Special thanks to the Easton 911 dispatcher who stayed on the line, our paramedic back up AMR Bridgeport, CT and SWRCC, the Southwest Regional Communications Center, responsible for coordinating communications from Emergency Medical Services to the hospitals in the region.

Great way to start off the week!

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