Letter: Your Racism is Showing

To the Editor:

I was horrified by a very racist, propaganda-laden mailer that was in my mailbox earlier this week. The “leadership” of the organization who distributed this mailer have indicated that they do not hide, yet I know almost no one who was aware prior to the recent opinion piece that Sherry Harris is the President and June Logie is the Treasurer. I appreciate their public response, as it has at least made me aware of a few of those responsible for this horribly racist, opinion-based manifesto. On this at least, many of my conservative friends and I agree.

I encourage everyone to read the ER9 Social Justice Group’s work and compare it to what this mailer claims. Residents, students, and especially some of our most recent graduates are telling us what the ER9 education is lacking. We would not want to send our kids into the world without a clear knowledge of what is expected of them; understanding diversity, equity and inclusion is no exception.

Finally, I want to note that the very few supportive comments of this mailer seem to indicate that there is no race or xenophobia problems in Easton. I would suggest that just because you do not see it, which is possible, that does not mean it does not exist. It does exist. Plugging your ears, closing your eyes and shaking your head will not make it go away.

Carolyn Oppenheim