The Easton Arts Council has scheduled an in-person Art in the Country fine arts show after a year of digital shows. If all goes according to plan, the show will be the first live show since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The members of the Easton Arts Council look forward to a large turnout for the Art in the Country show. The artwork receiving date is Saturday, May 15 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the community room at the Easton Public Library. The exhibit will be open from May 17 to June 26 during library operating hours.

“The Easton Arts Council will celebrate our 25th year with a gathering to be scheduled later this year,” said Sheila Weaver, Arts in the Country show chair. “We first started the Art in the Country in 2005. We worked together with the Historical Society and displayed artwork at the Hubble House for a few years.”

The last in-person art show took place in January 2020. But the digital shows during the pandemic led to some of the largest numbers of artists submitting their work in the arts council’s history.

“Covid has sparked a lot of people to show their creativity, to be willing to put it out there and want to be involved,” said Weaver. “I think the art show will be very alive in Easton.”

Iconic Sunflower from the collection of Kris Lynch.

A reception will take place on Saturday, May 22 from 7 to 10. p.m at the Easton Public Library. Patrons will be able to walk through the exhibition in the community room and then out to the back patio for an outdoor reception for the first in-person display since 2020.

Robert Brennan, an award-winning Easton artist who studied at Connecticut State University and Columbia University, is the juror. Awards include: first place, $100; second place, $75, and honorable mention, $50. 

The Easton Public Library is a desirable venue, centrally located, and typically attracts artists from surrounding communities and from as far away as New York and New Jersey.

“We really do bring in a lot of people from a lot of different communities from around here,” said Weaver. 

Artists aged 18 years of age and above are eligible to submit their art to be displayed. Two is the maximum number of entries per artist. Abstract and representational artwork is accepted, including oil, acrylics, watercolors, pastes, drawings, and mixed media.

Artwork must be wired for hanging with a label taped to the front, hand-delivered and picked up from the Easton Library, The artwork must be available for sale from delivery until end of the event and must never have been displayed in an Easton Arts Council art show before. Each piece must be 40”x40” or less. 

The entry form along with more information about the Easton Arts Council and the Art in the Country show is available on

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