To the Editors:

My thanks to Bruce Nelson — and The Courier — for his columns on people, places, and events in Easton’s history. I was drawn in and fascinated by the piece on automobiles in Easton and was compelled to catch up on articles I’d missed: The history of Ida Tarbell’s home, and the plusses and perils of oral histories with the example of the Blizzard of 1888. I love the old photographs that accompany each piece.

Given the challenges and worry of the present, it is instructive and, in a way, comforting, to be reminded that we are a blip on history’s timeline. We can choose to be compassionate, mindful stewards addressing what comes our way with wisdom and care… or not. As Mr. Nelson points out, our story might change in the re-telling, but the truth of what happened, what choices were made, does not.

Lea Sylvestro


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