Message from the First Selectman

Updated 06/25/2021

Good afternoon,


 This is the first post written in summer in Easton 2021.  It is a good time to make note of the possibility of summer storms. While hopefully we will not experience a storm of Isaias’ destruction this year, it is always good to prepare. Information on storm preparedness can be found at  and at…

As many of you have seen on social media, bear sightings are being reported almost daily. Fortunately, none of these contacts with bears has led to any problems, but they are potentially dangerous animals. Please see the link…, for advice on proper caution.

Last week I talked about the Building Department. I have appointed Easton resident Peter Howard Interim Building Inspector. Consistent with plans which were announced earlier to streamline our permitting and approval processes, Peter has brought in some ideas to further improve them. In addition, improved efficiencies have decreased the time involved by the inspector creating significant savings for the town while also improving service.

I am happy to report that we are continuing to move along with construction of the South Park Avenue Bridge. There was a potential snag in dealing with the proximity of the bridge to a major water main but thanks to our bridge construction company, Nagy Bros. Construction, an alternative plan was formulated and we are moving forward.

The Board of Selectmen will soon receive the final report from the South Park Advisory Committee. The selectmen will study the report and determine a plan of action. Pending negotiation of a lease, there will be a small area where the town will allow the planting of hemp on a single season basis to assess its viability.

Despite the town’s pleas not to put up unapproved signs and the removal of a number of those signs by the town, new signs continue to pop up. Please respect our regulations and refrain from putting a sign on town property.

Have a great weekend.

Dave Bindelglass