Letter: Jeff Parker Will Not Unite Easton

To the Editor:

Our family moved to Easton in 1985 from Philadelphia so that I could accept a position with a Trumbull based company. Our reason for settling in Easton was simple…the outstanding school system. That decision has served our family well.  Both of our children have gone through all three of our schools.  Our son settled in Boston with his wife. Our daughter is now a physician. She married her childhood sweetheart who also grew up in Easton. and when they had children, they returned to Easton. Life in Easton has been very good for our family.

Most of the years, Easton was considered a Republican town. Even though we are Democrats that has never been a problem.  During the last election my neighbor had a Trump lawn sign and we had a Biden sign, and we still are friends.

This year is different.  The recent articles in “Hello Easton” and “The Easton Courier” linking Jeff Parker with the head of Save our Schools, Dana Benson are concerning.  Jeff was using his Board of Education position and email address to coordinate with Benson on political matters.   Even Jeff admits this was wrong.  As a former Chairman of the Board of Education, clearly Jeff was well aware of the ER9 policies that are in place.

Jeff said in his candidate statement that “As your full time First Selectman, I will reunite our town.”  But he has chosen to politically align with those that are at the far right of center, and rarely are willing to find the middle ground.  I am doubtful that given this history, that he is the man that will be able to reunite our town; far from it; he will continue to divide us.

Robert Natt