The 2019 Board of Selectmen held its final regular meeting this date. Barring the need for a special meeting, the board will not meet again until the 2021 Board of Selectmen is elected and installed in office.

The board approved the minutes of its Oct. 7 meeting and approved tax refunds to two taxpayers as recommended by the tax collector. The board also approved release of a road opening bond as recommended by the deputy director of public works.

The board approved a modified Authorization for Release of Personal Information form used as part of the town hiring process. The major change was to include language specific to examination of driving record information for applicants during the hiring process as well as after they become town employees.

The board unanimously appointed Elizabeth Boyce to the Cemetery Committee replacing Phil Doremus who has stepped down from the committee. The board appointed Kerry Caylor to the Park and Recreation Commission (Bindelglass and Lessler in favor and Sogofsky opposed) to fill the vacancy created by the death of long time commission member Tom Cable.

In accordance with its usual custom, the board heard public comment both at the beginning and the end of its meeting. Dan Lent and Lou DiPietro suggested ideas to address traffic safety concerns along Sport Hill Road in the area of the middle school and Silverman’s farm. Grant Monsarrat inquired about any conversations with anyone from the Westport Weston Health District concerning issues raised in a recently filed lawsuit against the district. Lou DiPietro spoke about the appointment to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Elizabeth Boyce thanked the board for her appointment to the Cemetery Committee.

Selectman Robert Lessler noted that this is the final meeting of this Board of Selectmen and expressed his view that it has been a successful, productive term where the members worked well together, even if when they may have disagreed. First Selectman David Bindelglass concurred and also reported on recent Covid statistics including that we have now met the target for dropping the mask mandate for town buildings. Selectman Kristi Sogofsky offered no comment.

You can watch the Oct. 21 Board of Selectmen meeting here.

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