I am running because the Board of Finance needs to have three members who care about properly funding our schools, and presently there are four members in the majority who have exercised their power every year to propose unreasonable and drastic cuts to our education budget — leaving our kids without extracurriculars, without a media specialist at HKMS and without many of the vital services and programs that our kids deserve;

I’m running because for the last 22 years I have fought to support Park & Rec and I have fought off the efforts by members of the BOF to defund P&R, leaving our community with no means to pay for the hundreds of thousands of dollars provided over the last decade to improve our fields, rebuild our parks and playgrounds, tennis courts, dog park — in addition to the recreational programs offered to our kids;

Most importantly, I am running because — like most residents of our town, I don’t like the toxic political environment that has been created by so-called “Citizens'” groups that have filled our mailboxes over the last year with the kind of nasty attack literature that simply isn’t what Easton is about. These groups have no problem making untrue and misleading statements in an effort to attack members of our boards and commissions and they have brought to Easton the kind of ‘slash and burn’ personal attacks that work in national elections but have no place in Easton.

We can’t let these groups intimidate good people from getting and staying involved in our town government, and if the candidates they support through their toxic mailings prevail in this election then these divisive and nasty groups will be empowered to continue to push this offensive kind of politics in our town. We don’t need attack dog politics in Easton, and I’m running so that we don’t lose the sense of decency and integrity that has — until very recently — been the norm in Easton.

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