Wendy Bowditch (R), Final Candidate Statement, Board of Finance

I have been involved in Easton for over 20 years. I started on the Insurance Commission, was the elected Town Treasurer and now serve as an appointed member of the Board of Finance. I am asking for your support to be an elected member of the board for the next two years.

I bring a unique perspective to the board. I have seen every check that went through town and the Board of Education for seven years. I know where the money has been spent and can find ways for us to keep on track with efficient budgets. I have been to countless board and budget meetings. I am retired now and have time to dedicate to the board.

I want to bring a sense of balance and civility. I will work to ensure the continuity of the Library, Park and Recreation and the Senior Center. We can work together and preserve the outstanding education, infrastructure, and emergency services that make our town so attractive.

Vote for me on Nov. 2 and let’s keep Easton the Jewel of Fairfield County.