Panel Hosts Affordable Housing Forum

Residents came out Tuesday night at Samuel Staples Elementary School for a public forum to hear affordable housing plans for Easton. The forum was also broadcast on Facebook Live and a video of the meeting is archived here:

State Senator Tony Hwang, state Rep. Anne Hughes, First Selectman Dave Bindelglass and P&Z Chair Ray Martin explained Public Act No. 21-29. The state law passed this year to address Connecticut’s housing affordability crisis by making the housing stock more affordable and accessible to everyone.

State Rep. Anne Hughes addresess the audience. With her are fellow panelists First Selectman Dave Bindelglass, Ray Martin, Planning and Zoning Commission chairman, and state Senator Tony Hwang.

Among the mandates of the law is that municipalities have an affordable housing plan in place by June 2022. The Board of Selectmen awarded the bid for a consultant to assist the town in preparing the mandatory affordable housing plan to Planimetrics Inc. of Avon. Planning and zoning will set up a committee of residents to assist in the preparation, according to First Selectman Bindelglass.

The affordable housing plan is one of several mandates outlined in the new law. The law allows the statewide legalization of “accessory apartments” and bans minimum parking space rules. Municipalities can opt out of permitting “accessory apartments” and the ban on minimum parking space rules with a two-thirds majority from local planning commissions and legislative bodies.

Bindelglass has stated that town officials agree about the importance of towns being allowed to make their own decisions. Protection of the regional drinking water supply is a priority of the state law.

You can watch a video recording of the forum at